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  1. Reminder to stream this classic, otherwise a sleep demon might capture you tonight.
  2. Worms On The Brain Worms At First Sight Worms On Top Worm Again
  3. These are good songs individually, but they don't go together... at all.
  4. It's not a song i'd have picked but i think it's perfectly within the theme.
  5. I'm living for @Fletch & @Dennis Reynolds giving actual critiques meanwhile @Urbi is just like "Bitch, no!".
  6. You're not so innocent Snow. I have the receipts.
  7. I would've said nothing but @Snow dragged me in the last round for doing that. Bitch setting me up to fail.
  8. They counted me out, they can try, but they can't take that away from me (Billie's theme). ..
  9. So now the judges stan the most basic entries?
  10. You literally copied @V For Vendetta's answer.... I'm gagging.
  11. Not Ariana Grande Not Nicki Minaj Not Taylor Swift.
  12. Ariana - 150k Beyonce - 150k Britney - 60k Xtina - 6k Dua - 80k Katy - 30k Kylie - 250 Gaga - 240k Madonna - 50k Mariah - 35k Rihanna - 300k Taylor - 700k Billie - 200k Doja - 100k Lana - 45k Olivia - 250k Carly - 15k Selena - 75k