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  1. Feels so good to be VIP again gaga1 

  2. Fucking iconic legend cry0 


  3. if this is true cry0 



  4. @Kim Woodburn you look great in your avatar

  5. @Kim Woodburn you look great in your avatar

  6. @Kim Woodburn you look great in your avatar

  7. Hey, bitchez!


  8. I wonder what people think of Kim Petras now...must be terrifying to be an artist associated with a *probable* rapist.

  9. Has anyone else ever farted and sneezed at the same time?

  10. Kim Petras releasing an EP entitled SlutPop which is possibly co-written & produced by Dr. Luke is...a disgusting choice.

  11. Girl she looks good hello??? Slay a bit



  12. Queen Chlamydia.

    25 Funny Pictures Of Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall | HuffPost UK Comedy

  13. That's a new one... dead2




  15. WHAT IS THIS fall9


    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      @Kylie @Madonna i have heard of it before and seen a few videos, but never seen this FartFlop cover before. dead2

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  16. I ain't a business woman,

    I am a business, woman

    And I'm known for giving bitches the business, woman 

  17. Why Katy Perry performed with dancing ballsacks on SNL’s stage? Mess rip3 

  18. 13 days later and i'm still testing positive for Cornova. sia4

  19. Just bought a new car gaga1 

  20. Just bought a new car gaga1 

  21. Hey, remember when Rihanna sings?

  22. Dancing With Our Hands Tied was the last good Taylor swift song jj2 

  23. Alexandra Burke's debut album is truly the one. It's solid gold served on a diamond platter. Literally the only album by an X-Factor alumnus that is actually good.