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  1. SkellingtonHush

    Sweetener, and that's just from the little I've heard.
  2. SkellingtonHush

    Though I love Prince's soundtrack for Batman (1989), I wonder what Michael would have done with it. Somewhere in an alternate universe Michael was the one to record it, and I want so badly to listen to it.
  3. SkellingtonHush

    "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy!
  4. SkellingtonHush

    Lyrical content and iconography. He was just epic in every sense of the word.
  5. SkellingtonHush

    General News

    I still have yet to even see this movie, or read a comic. One day... maybe before the show debuts.
  6. SkellingtonHush

    X-Men: First Class (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Henry Jackman.
  7. SkellingtonHush

    Christina would be one of the main choices. I mean, she has been hand selected and chosen by the legends, themselves, for a reason. The GP matters not. Talent knows and understands talent.
  8. SkellingtonHush

    She'll be alright.
  9. SkellingtonHush

    Well, okay... interesting.
  10. SkellingtonHush

    I just keep it to keep my Last.fm stats as accurate as possible.
  11. SkellingtonHush


    I almost bought it, but I wouldn't have had time to listen to it today. I did buy and listen to Lady Soul, though. A fantastic album that I had been meaning to listen to for years. I'm looking forward to discovering the rest of her discography as time goes on.
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't read too much into it. She says stuff like that all the time. And yes, she has survived another year. Not everyone or everything is meant to be shady.
  13. SkellingtonHush

    General News

    Very sad news, but she lived such a full life and accomplished a ton. This is one to just truly celebrate the life of. May she rest in heavenly peace.
  14. SkellingtonHush

    That is absolutely correct, but it was recorded and released under the name "Ke$ha". So, as it relates to that era of her career and life, the "$" stands. *Hugs*
  15. "Like a Prayer" is a strong contender for that. But, yeah, "All I Want for Christmas is You" is definitely something special. Not many artists have such a song that resurfaces, literally, every year.