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  1. SkellingtonHush

    < It was that. I love Jennifer, but that was just so innocently savage.
  2. SkellingtonHush


    It's not exactly a standout track; it just blends in with everything else. I don't really think much of it. It's not terrible.
  3. SkellingtonHush

    Same thing I was wondering. Do people go out of their way to type like that?
  4. SkellingtonHush

    "No Turning Back" (Radio Edit) by Manuel Rocca.
  5. I will not be playing along, so they can just get over it.
  6. I don't mean any disrespect to Ariana when I say this, but something about him is just gross. This infatuation she has with him is just confusing.
  7. SkellingtonHush


    Beautiful, I love the summery aesthetic of it.
  8. The more I read about this, the more I realize people who are upset about this legitimately lack intelligence and maturity.
  9. Not like it hasn't been, but it's time for MTV to revamp.
  10. Her artistic identity was based on a fad, in the beginning. Everything was always about Atlanta, when people stopped caring about Atlanta, they stopped caring about her. She's made a ton of good music since then, though, she just needs to reintroduce people to Ciara and the artist she can be. With the right material, I think she can make a comeback. All she needs is another "Promise" and a "Love Sex Magic" to follow it up with.
  11. SkellingtonHush


    That would definitely be incredible to have. I'd want Christina to be the first one to release such a mixtape. She has to make up for all that time she was gone in between albums.
  12. Yeah, he just needs to let his body heal. Don't want there to be complications in the future.
  13. Yeah, there was no way to piece together a proper tribute given the timetable of events. I don't blame anyone for anything. It's absurd, and people need to understand that... but they don't.
  14. SkellingtonHush


    There's a better chance of a rainbow unicorn flying across the sky.