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  1. Delicate here

    Until myyyyyyyyyy saving grace shined on me undefined

  2. Delicate


    GODSbracelet is done so wrong. I listened to it the other day for a rate and You Got Me, Clown, I Only Wanted and My Saving Grace hit me I-
  3. Delicate here

    PSA: @Taylor is forcing me to like his post like the rep heaux he is brit10

    1. Sylk

      the long awaited #TaylorIsOverParty begins! 

    2. Taylor

      1 minute ago, Sylk said:

      the long awaited #TaylorIsOverParty begins! 

      #SylkIsOverParty 153.0 incoming


    3. Sylk

      So many over parties and I'm still STANDING not everyone has that kind of longevity 


  4. Delicate


    Hey y'all. I have been rocking with the queen since Beam Up Scotty (aka her best mixtape ) Though there have been moment when I wavered and Jumped shipped (LIKE ALOT ) But The Queen made me stan again. Queen is her best body of work, PERIOD and does not deserve the lashings. Excited to meet other barbs and ken barbs
  5. Delicate


    Hey Y'all! I thought I introduce myself! I have been a Mariah fan for years now and she's my third ( was second ) most played artist of all time on Last.fm! Some of my favorite Mariah albums are: The Divine Daydream The Breathtaking Butterfly And The Cherishable Charmbraclet Some of my favorite Mariah songs include: Fantasy, Dreamlover, Always Be My Baby, Clown, Migrate any many many more Nice to meet y'all
  6. I thought it would be a cute top 10 but it's streams and sales are mindblowing and she only had 5 days?! at this point, there's no denying she's an A-List super star and definitely leading the pack in terms of the new generation of pop girls.
  7. Delicate here

    I might've been a little rash but I wanna talk things out. It hasn't even been an hour but I miss you and i'm hurting. I love you so much. please come back

  8. Janet... sweetie... I- I’m sorry..