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  1. Peytonfan18

    I’m going to my FIRST Mariah concert next Friday for the CAUTION tour!!! I’m pumped. I mean I’ve seen lots of tour footage over the years so I know not to expect Rotterdam vocals or anything, but as a fan this is truly EXCITING!!
  2. Peytonfan18

    1. 8th Grade 2. One Mo’ Gen 3. The Distance 4. A No No 5. GTFO (I love take your tings and be on your merry way lol) 6. Giving Me Life 7. Runway 8. Stay Long Love You 9. With You 10. Portrait 11. Caution overall a really good album. I just really didn’t like Portrait or Caution much.
  3. Side 2 and it’s not even close..
  4. Peytonfan18

    Very difficult since I enjoy both of these albums for different reasons.. Migrate vs. It's Like That Touch My Body vs. We Belong Together Cruise Control vs. Shake It Off I Stay In Love vs. Mine Again (I try to fart like a whale kinda was the deciding factor) Side Effects vs. Say Something I'm That Chick vs. Stay the night (DAMNIT I LOVE THESE BOTH) Love Story vs. Get Your Number I'll Be Loving You Long Time vs. One and Only Last Kiss vs. Circles Thanx 4 Nothin vs. Your Girl OOC vs. I Wish You Knew For the Record vs. To the Floor Bye Bye vs. Joy Ride I Wish You Well vs. Fly like a Bird (I love these both for very different reasons!!!) Heat vs. Sprung (flop fan have not heard these yet..) 4real4real vs. Secret Love (flop again have not heard.. I suck.)
  5. Peytonfan18

  6. Peytonfan18

    Does anyone have more of these memes? http://thighschool.tumblr.com/post/177331239116 it is the one where Mariah is in the back of a car smiling and there was one I saw a while back where it said “when you get into a Uber share pool ride”.. I love Mariah, so I’m not hating. But if it is offensive, I’m more than happy to take it down. Thanks!
  7. Peytonfan18

    Oh and the snaps.. I can’t stand the snaps, although on Memoirs they kind of grew on me.. this might, too but please go in a different direction. They are so LOUD. and people listening keep giving it positivity..
  8. Peytonfan18

    I love this song, too and it would have been PERFECT except that man in the beginning saying something like get into this beat hoe, or something it’s like why didn’t that person come on right before the song started.. ugh..
  9. Peytonfan18

    Ok but how long is that song Machine Gub Kelly going to be #1?? Ugh.. see I can’t even catch a break .. I suppose that she still very good for a buzz single, but hopefully the MV will push it to number 1 on iTunes? Any guesses?
  10. Peytonfan18

    I downloaded it from the iTunes Store, and I checked on charts and it is at #7... is that right? Sorry, not sure I’m giving right information.. I’m just giving everyone positivity..
  11. Peytonfan18

    Thank you, Royale!! I actually just found it on the iTunes Charts and in the US it looks like it’s already #7!!!!
  12. Peytonfan18

    Help lambs!! I looked on iTunes and don’t see it! GTFO with this being #85 on iTunes but I can’t even help get it higher???
  13. Peytonfan18

    Omg not “I know you’re used to jlo ’s one octave range but bi equals two.”
  14. Peytonfan18

    It’s hard to tell for me because I kinda really got exposed to her in a weird way.. I had known about her, but it wasn’t until Loverboy came out that I really made the decision to check her out fully. But I just picked from so many albums that I can’t really say, but I remember listening to Hero a lot because High School bs; so I would say maybe Music Box. But also surprisingly Charmbracelet because Through the Rain helped a lot, too. And people wanna discredit Charmbracelet and say it had no impact..