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  1. Peytonfan18

    Ok but how long is that song Machine Gub Kelly going to be #1?? Ugh.. see I can’t even catch a break .. I suppose that she still very good for a buzz single, but hopefully the MV will push it to number 1 on iTunes? Any guesses?
  2. Peytonfan18

    I downloaded it from the iTunes Store, and I checked on charts and it is at #7... is that right? Sorry, not sure I’m giving right information.. I’m just giving everyone positivity..
  3. Peytonfan18

    Thank you, Royale!! I actually just found it on the iTunes Charts and in the US it looks like it’s already #7!!!!
  4. Peytonfan18

    Help lambs!! I looked on iTunes and don’t see it! GTFO with this being #85 on iTunes but I can’t even help get it higher???
  5. Omg not “I know you’re used to jlo ’s one octave range but bi equals two.”
  6. Peytonfan18

    It’s hard to tell for me because I kinda really got exposed to her in a weird way.. I had known about her, but it wasn’t until Loverboy came out that I really made the decision to check her out fully. But I just picked from so many albums that I can’t really say, but I remember listening to Hero a lot because High School bs; so I would say maybe Music Box. But also surprisingly Charmbracelet because Through the Rain helped a lot, too. And people wanna discredit Charmbracelet and say it had no impact..
  7. Peytonfan18

    I Am Free. The song has one of the most beautiful arrangements, and the message is also very beautiful. I was in a bad relationship, and when I finally broke it off, this song helped me so much. It’s sad, but I definitely felt all of the emotions and feelings Mariah wrote about in that song. And honestly, when I broke it off, I felt those last runs and riffs of that song flow through my mind and body. It was very spiritual.
  8. Peytonfan18

    This is exactly what I am saying!!!! Even the belts on You and I were doable without being over the top difficult. She could really probably produce some solid, consistent live performances! And before someone might try to say oh but You and I was dubbed, well I’m actually talking about the undubbed and she sounded just fine!
  9. Peytonfan18

    Oh interesting! My first thought would be Aqua “Lollipop” lol.
  10. Peytonfan18

    I just don’t want a lot of snapping background sounds! I noticed she did this a lot with MOAIA. I love Mariah, but I want something a bit more refreshing.. again this I what my opinion is saying. I am anxious for the new music, but also a little scared of what it might sound like. I did like like a few songs on MIAMTEC, but if she sang like she did on You and I, or even Patti’s tribute, it would be nice! The last album was a little messy for me.. I love her and will support her efforts, but I am hoping for something new! C’mon Mariah, you can do it!
  11. Peytonfan18

    I think Cardi actually could win against Nicki. I think that the pressure would get to Nicki and she would flub or something in her response in an impromptu battle.. plus Cardi might have the upper hand with all of the recently heightened insecurity Nicki has shown and many meltdowns from Nicki.
  12. Peytonfan18

    WBT. Not sure where I would have even heard Candy Shop out in public. I mean unless I bought Madonna’s album, and I didn’t, that would be the only way I think.. not trying to be mean, but it is the truth.
  13. Peytonfan18

    My favorite look is that Music Box Anytime You Need a Friend.. skirt and top she wore it on Letterman, and a few shows..
  14. Peytonfan18

    How Much im on a roadtrip and I’m loving the Rainbow 🌈 album. Not sure why it gets so much hate??