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  1. KING ! 

    1. Madonna
    2. visionofrain


      Nice work dude. 

    3. visionofrain


      Light went crying to Joel and he started downvoting me now too. 200 in the last two days. The tragicness lol

      And isnt he meant to be a Madonna fan ??????

  2. People acting like Mariah was on Whitneys level LOL. The delusion
  3. Anyone else enjoy TLIC in the context of the album ????????
  4. The way im bathing in all the truth and tea being spilled over and over again in this thread. The way that @light741 sorry hawk25 was dragged for filth.
  5. Only joined 2 weeks ago ! The Cure remains a bop.
  6. No I quoted the thread to specifically highlight you getting dragged which shows youve been spouting the same shit for over a year. Tragic.
  7. I didnt mention Mariah. It was you who was dragged for filth actually.