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  1. KING ! 

    1. Madonna
    2. visionofrain


      Nice work dude. 

    3. visionofrain


      Light went crying to Joel and he started downvoting me now too. 200 in the last two days. The tragicness lol

      And isnt he meant to be a Madonna fan ??????

  2. People acting like Mariah was on Whitneys level LOL. The delusion
  3. Anyone else enjoy TLIC in the context of the album ????????
  4. The way im bathing in all the truth and tea being spilled over and over again in this thread. The way that @light741 sorry hawk25 was dragged for filth.
  5. Only joined 2 weeks ago ! The Cure remains a bop.
  6. No I quoted the thread to specifically highlight you getting dragged which shows youve been spouting the same shit for over a year. Tragic.
  7. I didnt mention Mariah. It was you who was dragged for filth actually.
  8. She should have released The Cure properly, slapped it on to the end of Joanne for a re release.
  9. Right now im in a state of mind, i wanna be in like all the time!
  10. The album is such a grower. Even Borderline got into my head. the slow grooves are just amazing.
  11. What a legend. Although the pressed person is already trying to erase your good work ;-)

    Have a great day dude. 

    1. visionofrain


      The tragic little fuck just downvoted me 200 times LOL. the obsession. 

    2. Madonna


      Ugh that bitch is fucking annoying. At least he can't drag you down by that much anymore...

    3. visionofrain


      The tragicness is really visible at this point lol ! Im pretty sure he has downvoted my entire post history at this point but im quite active so the thing he probably has a fresh batch of 50 to work on every day lol. 

  12. no i didnt, i said you were involved in the mass UPVOTING of Q U E E N S posts. and its true. and all the votes you gave here were REMOVED. and you yourself were mass upvoted as you went from red 400 to green 400 in two hours.
  13. Show me where I said you downvoted me LOL. Obsessivo. Loco.