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  1. Can Meghan ever catch a break?
  2. She released her lead single July 18th, 2018. Who on earth is managing her release schedule? I forgot she was coming out with a new album with these huge gaps between her releases.
  3. Hex


    Where is A6?
  4. I didn't expect her to push this video out soon. Sis doesn't give me a second to breathe. I'm not complaining.
  5. Hex

  6. That GIF though. MRW the plot in a porn video stretches for too long.
  7. Hex

    Do it, she has great music.
  8. Hex

    You were right on the money. I just started listening to Lush yesterday and I'm falling in love with this album. Let's Find An Out is my favorite track so far.
  9. @Agugaganext month: 7 Rings PLUNGES to #3 after four weeks, why?
  10. Hex here

    1. Hylia

      Me when I started my job

    2. Hex

      You mean us when we are married in a sitcom comedy show.

  11. Let's share some life tips and hacks my queen. I'll go first.


    1. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

      This is nightmare fuel 

    2. Hex

      I thought you'd like it. stare1

    3. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

      Yes, it is very me isn’t it 😌

  12. Hex