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  1. Whether this is true, does it really matter? She has been so successful and great to us, shoving music down our throats while other stan bases like the navy starve under Rihanna's brutal regime. She doesn't need any nominations or awards to validate her success.
  2. What happened to your iconic name? bummer1

    1. DespunkThoseFawkingBawls

      I made a misteak rip4 

  3. All these Ariana albums are going to go straight to my thighs.
  4. The more listens I give it the more I fall in love with the whole album. It has such a chill and toned down vibe and she sounds like she had a lot of fun making this album.
  5. I'm getting so spoiled from Ariana that Rihanna is basically spitting on my father's grave at this point.
  6. Hex

    While I dislike the guy I don't think we can base the popularity and likability of a rapper based off the booming population of FOTP.
  7. Hex


    I had this on repeat so hard when it was out and well into winter so I have to agree with you.
  8. I feel so spoiled at all the music she is giving us.
  9. First the Christmas album nobody asked for, and now a candle.