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  1. I mostly do PvE but I like PvP too. I’ve played horde before but I started off as alliance so I guess I’ve just stuck with it. Do you play any other blizzard games? I play overwatch and hearthstone too.
  2. Okay I barely post on FOTP anymore but this is my kind of thread. 👀 I’ve been playing since Cataclysm. I main a Worgen Druid but I also play monks and paladins. I don’t play Horde.
  3. Is that when her new album is out? It could be worse, you could be a Rihanna stan.
  4. Hex

    What's going on sis? You haven't reinvented your image and era in a while. ari7

    1. Winnie


      Stop dragging me, revamp coming soon!

  5. When you consider buying FOTP VIP for a month.


  6. When I read Agugaga moved to a different forum but then I woke up.


  7. I will always keep misinterpreting this as Meghan Trainor shade.
  8. I didn't care much for it on the first listen but what a grower this one was. I had it looping in my head all day.
  9. Hex

    Artist Randomdonna

    Does anyone think Madona sounds a little like Nelly Furtado on Batuka or am I just crazy?
  10. Hex

    Your Lois era was so short. brit1

    1. Winnie


      It was just a cute little EP brit1

    2. Hex


      We need another iconic full sized era. brit1