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  1. Christina Aguilera - AGUILERA World Tour Act I (Witchcraft) La Luz Intro Ya Ilegué Genie In The Bottle Brujería Santo Act II (Red Python) Make Over Interlude Dirrty Como Yo Accelerate Desnudate Suéltame Act III (Altar/White Queen) Maria La Reina No Es Que Te Extrañe Say Something Samos Nada Hurt or You Lost Me (Selected dates) Act IV (Fiesta) Targuito Interlude Pa Mias Muchachas Can’t Hold Us Down (Latin Remix) Falsas Esperanzas Cuan
  2. Lana Del Rey - White Hot Forever Tour Act I Chemtrails Over The Country Club Love Tulsa Jesus Freak Video Games Let Me Love You Like a Woman California High By The Beach West Coast Blue Jeans Venice Bitch Act II Wild At Heart Beautiful People Beautiful Problems Dance Til We Die Summer Sadness Doin’ Time Get Free Ride Encore Off to The Races
  3. Britney Spears - Original Doll Comeback Residency Act I Mona Lisa Intro Circus My Prerogative Overprotected Piece of Me Act II If I’m Dancin’ Interlude Me Against The Music (Contains elements of (I Got That) Boom Boom) I’m a Slave 4 U Boys (Contains elements of Better) Slumber Party Act III Perfect Lover Interlude Break The Ice Toxic Womanizer Do You Wanna Come Over? Breathe On Me Act IV Mood Ring (By Demand) Interlude Work Bitch Hold It Against M
  4. Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon Tour Burnt Norton Intro Music To Watch Boys To Born To Die Blue Jeans Terrence Loves You Video Games Yayo Honeymoon High By The Beach Freak (Contains elements of Art Deco) West Coast Cola Lolita Carmen Salvatore Summertime Sadness Ultraviolance Ride Encore Off To The Races
  5. Lana Del Rey - Arcadia One-Off Performance The Trio Intro Arcadia Born To Die Blue Jeans Norman Fucking Rockwell Blue Banisters hope is dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it For Free Nectar of The Gods Ultraviolence Wildfire Wildflower Burning Desire White Mustang Thunder Ride Summertime Sadness If You Lie Down With Me Encore Video Games Dealer Outro
  6. Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation Tour Act I (Burning Man) Wreaking Ball River Who Owns My Heart See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix) Violet Chemistry Act II (Sassy Rodeo) Handstand Interlude Mothers Daughter Muddy Feet Bad Mood Jaded Act III (Diveaway/Paradise) Nothing Breaks Like a Heart 7 Things Wildcard Slide Away Island Malibu Rose Colored Lenses You Act IV (Feminist) Wonder Woman The Climb Midnight Sky Flowers
  7. The Weeknd - The Dawn Global Tour Act I (Moon Knight) Dawn FM Interlude Gasoline Sacrifice (Remix) Don't Break My Heart Lost In The Fire Act II (Dark Prince) Pray For Me Starboy Best Friends The Hills Low Life Heartless Party Monster Often Faith Hurricane Act III (Cosmic Lover) Stargirl Interlude Out of Time I Feel It Coming Is There Someone Else? Starry Eyes Die For You Montreal Call Out My Name Act IV (Alien Superstar) Every
  8. Lana Del Rey - From Paris to Texas Tour Act I A&W Diet Mountain Dew Peppers Blue Jeans Born To Die Norman Fucking Rockwell Candy Necklace White Mustang Ride Act II Paris, Texas Interlude The Grants Godfather please… Chemtrails Over The Country Club or Blue Banisters or Snow On The Beach (Selected dates) Black Bathing Suit Fishtail High By The Beach (Contains elements of Summer Bummer) Doin’ Time Taco Truck x Venice Bitch Summertime Sadness Encore Did you know
  9. Rihanna - SLAY Vegas Residency Act I (Ghetto) Cockiness (Love It) Lemon Pour It Up Nothing Is Promised Bitch Better Have My Money Act II (Witch) Birthday Cake/D.M.B Interlude Needed Me Russian Roulette Man Down Rehab (contains elements of Same Ol’ Mistakes) Act III (Caribbean) Pon De Replay Interlude What’s My Name? Rude Boy Wild Thoughts Work Act IV (Ballroom) Don’t Stop The Music Interlude Where Have You Been Only Girl (In The World) (Contains el
  10. Janet Jackson - Damita Jo Tour Act I (Underground Club) All Night (Don’t Stop) Sexhibition You Want This Nasty R&B Junkie Throb (contains elements of Warmth) Act II (Cultures) The Islands Interlude Spending Time With You That’s The Way Love Goes My Baby Doesn’t Really Matters Like You Don’t Love Me Island Life Act III (Ballads) Looking For Love Interlude I Get Lonely (Contains elements of Truly) I Want You Come Back To Me Act IV (Disco Fever) The One Interl
  11. Taylor Swift - Folklomore Tour Act I (Spring) the 1 the last great american dynasty long story short Daylight (Acoustic) Act II (Summer) the lakes gold rush august Love Story betty Act III (Autumn) illicit affairs champagne problems tolerate it All Too Well (10 Minutes Version) Surprise Song Act IV (Winter) my tears ricochet Delicate (Acoustic) mirrorball Lover Encore willow cardigan
  12. Iggy Azalea - End of An Era Tour Act I (Nightclub) Sirens Intro Work Iam The Stripclub Emo Club Anthem Taste/Kream/Sip It Just Wanna Act II (Ancient Domina) Woke Up (Diamonds) Interlude Goddess Posh Spice Iggy SZN Nights Like This Act III (Rio) Brazil Interlude Switch Black Widow Peach Body No Mediocre/Pretty Girls/Sex On The Beach/Lola Act IV (Sin City) Good Times With Bad People Interlude Is That Right Sally Walker Impossible Is Nothing
  13. The Weeknd - After Hours Tour Act I (Gotham City) After Hours Too Late Wasted Times High For This The Hills Kiss Land Party Monster Faith Often Low Life/Or Nah/Crew Love Heartless Starboy Act II (Blizzard/Darkest Night) Snowchild Interlude Alone Again Nothing Compares I Was Never There Die For You Call Out My Name Act III (Haunted House) Repeat After Me Interlude Can’t Feel My Face In Your Eyes I Feel It Coming Save Your Tears Encore
  14. Lady Gaga - Coachella 2020 Act I Chromatica I Intro Stupid Love Just Dance Poker Face Bad Romance Act II Chromatica II Interlude 911 Telephone Sour Candy LoveGame Act III Chromatica III Interlude Sine From Above (Acoustic) (with Elton John) Shallow (with Elton John) 1000 Doves (Piano) The Edge of Glory (partial acoustic) Enigma Encore Born This Way Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande) Babylon (Haus Labs Version) Outro
  15. Rihanna & Drake - Tour 2016 Act I Too Good What’s My Name? Rude Boy For Free Act II Goodnight Gotham Interlude Woo Birthday Cake Pour It Up Nothing Is Promised Bitch Better Have My Money Needed Me Consideration Run This Town/Life Your Life/All of The Lights Desperado Legend Still Here Started From The Bottom 9 Headlines Trophies 6 God Worst Behavior Jumpman 0 To 100 Pop Style Know Yourself Hype Back to Back Energy