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  1. They really aren't. Giving me Life is an amazing track.
  2. I would give Caution 6 out of 10.
  3. You claimed she was forced to sing ballads. It was off topic and a ludicrous claim. Obviously people were going to respond and tell you are wrong seeing as no one who responded agreed with you in any way. But you started that train of discussion. Be proud.
  4. You started the off topic chat with this.
  5. You have. I was talking about Portrait before you literally derailed the thread.
  6. You have been off topic since you entered this conversation. I guess you are a great fan too then.
  7. Actually no. https://www1.ticketmaster.com/mariah-carey-caution-world-tour-st-louis-missouri-03-16-2019/event/06005551B03B6B2B?did=tmntx&_ga=2.251591814.1876576372.1543806031-607039431.1543806031&f_PPL=true&ab=efeat5787v1
  8. This is a lie. The demos she brought to Sony were neither hip hop or Urban. And she was given creative control on the Emotions album. They allowed her to do a cover of The Wind for crying out loud.
  9. The album sold about 2000 copies in the UK. Why would she bother flying over. A performance on Lorraine would not have made the slightest bit of difference ! She is struggling to sell tickets for the Caution shows in the US, they are already being discounted.
  10. She knew there was no point. She will make far more off the Christmas shows.
  11. She sung With you on the AMA's and GMA. Did it make any difference to it's chart performance in the US? No. Despite all the promo in the US the only people who bought the album were the core fanbase. The numbers show that no one from the GP bothered to buy it or stream it. Without the three preorders, ticket bundle and merchandise bundles the numbers would have been a lot worse. I mean she was giving the album away with a hoodie ! The promo did nothing for her.