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  1. Hold your head up, sis! I'm sure she does like she has promised!
  2. Anita


    Like I've said I fear it's something more serious with her voice ... I think we can all agree that she's singing songs which cause major strain on the vocal cords and has not held back on tour!
  3. Anita


    I really hope it is not something more serious ... I gotta say, I still have the situation in my mind when Shakira cancelled her world tour in 2017 after several postpones and a sudden vocal injury. Except: I can understand Christina really "uses" her vocal cords - so she is prone to such conditions. (Shakira on the other side ...) Edit: Didn't some YT videos claim her vocals declined after heavy B2B touring? :-O
  4. Thanks a lot for your amazing post! It's the same way I feel ...
  5. To me it's totally the other way round! Maria was quite throaty and gritty - but that's just the way the songs is meant to be sung! She even hitted those C5#s in the end! (She kinda mixed some lyrics up also, but it was minimal.) Her sound could be a little more open and resonant - but to me it was absolutely fine! FIL on the other hand... I can't. It's her lead single (kinda!) and she had respectable performances of it (Fallon, BBMA & Carpool) - but this was such a shouty mess. Again.
  6. I mean guys, gurls - there are people with a little extra pounds out there in this world?! Get over it . If you think her weight is the reason why she's named "the voice of our generation" - i can't help it ....
  7. Oh! I actually thought "Deserve" is supposed to be like that ... okay that makes sense now. I'm wondering though why she has not made a "live studio recording" like she usually does. To me actually it is totally fine if she lips one song or two (like Hurt on B2B-Tour), but ... why is it Deserve? I really think/thought her voice could shine on that song in a live setting.... That is soo true - and something I've never done. I like her new darker, richer, heavy tone more than her "perfect" - but lighter - voice in B2B years! And "Deserve" is one of her most recent songs . I just want her to impress as the LegendTina she is... and considering her recent Carpool performances and so on she really can deliver! I just need like one song on the tour where I can say "THAT'S IT", a stellar vocal performance ...
  8. I haven't noticed! I need some receipts! Which songs exactly?
  9. Hey y'all fighters out there! First of all I wanna say, I did not expect her to tour like this! Xtine is serving us much, much more than I've ever expected for the last months! And I know this is gonna be a quite emotional, controversial topic, but I wanna talk about her vocals. Xtina has always been all about them... considering her great tour concept - they come a little short to me... it could be literally her best tour, but I miss that wow-moment for the vocals as well. If she sang Hurt live, maybe rearranged, that would it be. I miss her "higher" belting! Don't get me wrong, Maria was great, though her voice sounded being tired in the end. Not to forget: First song, first concert of the tour. But what I can't get over is Deserve 'cause this song deserves certainly better than this: From the YT comment section: Take a look at the discussion there. Will she improve during the tour? Or will her voice get even more tired? I'm out keen on your opinions
  10. I'm wowed by the show and effort she pulls off for an "intimate" show! Maria as opener is what I am living for ... the singing through the window concept like she told in the documentary (as a child) is stunning! Other than that I won't deny I'm worried for her voice in certain songs - and it's not even Sick of Sittin! Fall in Line was (vocally) messy as usual and she did so much better at the BBMAs few months ago.
  11. Wonderland is amazing! I think it would be absolutely beautiful on the album! Maybe promo single for the tour? This is the Xtina I wanna truly hear: My wonderland - maybe they don't understand
  12. Anita

    And I don't understand why. She said, she kinda liked Max Martin (in the album commentary on Spotify), and he came up with the "Team MaxTina" idea... so yeah. I don't believe that she just "didn't like YB", she was on fire in the music video! though I believe LTBL was her first choice. There's also this rumored unaired the voice performance of YB... okay, the chorus is quite hard to sing, but isn't that every song of hers? Hope YB will be liberated on the tour
  13. "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched" is the saying I'd throw in here. It looks god - I didn't expect that Insta promo - but what Christina herself is actually investing, we'll see in one day
  14. This! :-) I think maybe she's actually that popular in the Latin community so that they mention Mi Reflejo? Other than that, I don't know how that album would be even Latin; it's teenage pop, just like her self-titled debut... which it is, considering the songs were translated...
  15. Anita


    The purple curly wig looked amazing - in the black & white shot at the end of the booklet http://xtinapictures.com/displayimage.php?pid=115284