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  1. Anita


    Thanks for explaining! I gotta admit I was not a fighter back then, so I don't know the detailed circumstances :-O Back to the (main) topic: First thing I thought, when she said "special album" on Insta, was a "best of" compilation like KGB - and I really do hope that's not the case
  2. Anita


    Did RCA even mess up Bionic? I thought it was - most likely - the case with Lotus, but with Bionic? I thought Xtina was happy with the result
  3. Anita


    Actually this would make more sense than ever cause she always said Liberation (and the tour) was just a "tip toe in the water"
  4. Little Dreamer missing on the final Disc is actually a shame! Honestly I've never thought about a dual disc album - I think it's a great idea! Would make even more sense on Bionic than it did on B2B
  5. This whole Era is more about being a masochist than an optimist though . I really hope she records a Tour DVD/Blu-ray or does some sort of Netflix-Documentary / Concert - but I can't imagine a world tour actually happening though I would love to.... ... and honestly: Here in Europe, she'd flop hard with a Tour if her promotion is just like it is right now - non existent. Just word of mouth won't sell her that much in Europe I guess...
  6. If both statements were true, it would mean, we'd be getting X8 AND worlwide tour dates this year .... I mean, even if it wasn't X that would make no sense since it's already half of November :-P
  7. What we got so far is LTBL-style combined with the shortness of the Telepathy video
  8. Anita


    Sorry for the bad joke, but: It kinda looks more like Zombie- than Wonderland . The song is amazing tho! Liberation could have used a 12th track!
  9. I really do hope there's something coming like this!
  10. Actually "severe" consequences, like bald spots or thinning due to growth issues, should be no problem of a properly done hair bleach / dye. But actually - I've had bleached hair years ago - its quality is heavily damaged... Since Christina has already natural blonde hair it's less of a problem, I hope for her. E. g. always I look at Shakira I'm pretty DAMN sure her hair will make nasty crispy noises when you touch it . So, I guess her new haircut is more or less a choice
  11. To me 97% are like sold out .... but Mohegan Sun with 88% simply is not. A shame! Gurl needs to rethink her promotion 'cause the show itself is AMAZING!!!
  12. Probably people didn't buy last minute tickets 'cause it was not sure if she's gonna be performing! On a good note: She sounded soo clean & approached her songs in a little lighter way! Great after her cold!
  13. Hold your head up, sis! I'm sure she does like she has promised!
  14. Anita


    Like I've said I fear it's something more serious with her voice ... I think we can all agree that she's singing songs which cause major strain on the vocal cords and has not held back on tour!
  15. Anita


    I really hope it is not something more serious ... I gotta say, I still have the situation in my mind when Shakira cancelled her world tour in 2017 after several postpones and a sudden vocal injury. Except: I can understand Christina really "uses" her vocal cords - so she is prone to such conditions. (Shakira on the other side ...) Edit: Didn't some YT videos claim her vocals declined after heavy B2B touring? :-O