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  1. Judging from the Videos I saw - it was just exactly like you've described it - production-wise it seems a little LazyTina ... But her vocals sounded really good - as far as I can say! Much better than in Vegas - she sounded so hoarse especially the last shows in Vegas!
  2. Well I agree to your previous post with the "dancer touching"... I've also noticed the "interaction" XD
  3. That video is so on point!!!! Thx A LOT for posting - it really should have more views! The Good: Dirrty & Maria (and some other songs) are visually great The Bad: Some ideas feel "standard" (like the YB-intro), short songs & well: She's not doing much on stage. The Ugly: Her vocals really need some rest/rejuvenation! The video above made clear, how rarely she sings in some songs like in the Dirrty outro, Your Body AND Accelerate <-- which both we still don't have any single GOOD performance of. Edit: Accelerate really sounds like being sung at a
  4. @COOKIES: Thanks for your posts! I honestly can't deny that the pictures look iconic! But yeah, pictures are another thing than the actual show in motion (pictures) would be... and well, I just gotta mention: --> ANOM has teribble visuals: But other than that... okay, I can't get over "Accelerate", but yeah - Maria, Dirrty (!) and others are visually impressive - in stills from good angles at least.
  5. The "I don't cook"-part was soo refreshingly honest! Except for that, yeah
  6. Okay, I actually agree on the last sentence ;-) - but I kinda see some things a little different, maybe (?) .... 1) The production is NOT great: The stage looks empty to me in so many settings - probably in any setting except for Maria! She just has a huge LED screen. That's it! This "TV" is supposed to make up for some actual stage technique. (I don't expect the kinda show Brit was doing, but yeah I she had a better production she could be singing properly still & not just be "walking" the stage. 2) The doging notes thing: She really sounded hoarse during the interv
  7. Okay, I'm still not losing faith / don't wanna to - just hope that it's some album shooting AND some magazine promotion for X7 at the same time Yeah, especially the confirmed (!) P!nk duett. This could be so huge for general public since P!nk is so huge (and mainstream too).
  8. Guuurl - Skinny-Tina is so over.... ... I really don't mind her weight / bodyshape whatever . Nobody shames Adele, but why always our gurl Cursed-Tina?! I really hope the photoshoot is for her (not so secret) X7 album... AND I really hope her to polish & perfect her vocals. Not (only) her looks. She could shine as whom she is/should be: The Voice of our Generation. In detail: I really was so happy to hear on Liberation Tour that her voice is a - let's be real - great condition! What she actually lacked - unfortunately - was some training/timing (yeah, even som
  9. Well, I can just agree at your post, @BlancMac ... Easier to lie sounded soooo relaxed - even her (at that time) very raspy belting sounded relaxed - and could have added another nuance to Lotus. But maybe it was not even her choice not adding it. Her relation to RCAncient seemed even more "concerning" in 2012....
  10. Okay, this is maybe an UNPOPULAR opinion too, but: To me Xtina is more than ever about her attitude & her VOICE than EVER. If she would fully lip a song - she could just drop it from the list. We all have all the albums and can mime to them on our own. Honestly speaking I loved her added riffs and belting (especially in the final chorus) of Deserve on Tour - but I really wished she would have actually sung this masterpiece - not only some adlibs
  11. That's it! Thx for saying it so short & crisp! I've always noticed (and mentioned) there's something off with FIL on Tour and it's not "just" the key change / higher belting - it's also she does not know where to start! I mean, we all LOVE Xtine, but there are points to mention which have occurred especially the last few years.
  12. This is something about FIL I cannot get over: Why is there even a key change for the final chorus if she NEVER sings it live
  13. I don't know, are you all really stanning for her residency? I'm not really happy with it as a career choice: She has fans around the world - especially in South America! Shouldn't she do some gigs here? Or maybe Europe, after a decade. If she actually releases a Spanish album, it wouln't hurt to promote it in Spanish speaking countries . I really cannot tell if the US fans are actually craving for a new show from her. Will it have any impact without new material? And personally: I'm not really excited since the chances of going there are like zero for
  14. Sorry for the bad joke, but: It kinda looks more like Zombie- than Wonderland . The song is amazing tho! Liberation could have used a 12th track!
  15. And I don't understand why. She said, she kinda liked Max Martin (in the album commentary on Spotify), and he came up with the "Team MaxTina" idea... so yeah. I don't believe that she just "didn't like YB", she was on fire in the music video! though I believe LTBL was her first choice. There's also this rumored unaired the voice performance of YB... okay, the chorus is quite hard to sing, but isn't that every song of hers? Hope YB will be liberated on the tour