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  1. Anita


    I absolutely agree! Honestly The Liberation Tour was quite great - and I don't know how or if she can even exceed that (in a realistic way). Like I've mentioned in another thread, I'm actually not sure if she's doing herself any favor with this residency.
  2. Anita


    Okay, no. Liberation to me always felt like a compilation with songs collected & produced over the years. The album was/is kinda nice to see how she's evolved over the 6-year-hiatus. But: I wanna see a conceptual album again - and Liberation already has very, very loose structure in the tracklist. Even more random songs won't help that at all.
  3. I don't know, are you all really stanning for her residency? I'm not really happy with it as a career choice: She has fans around the world - especially in South America! Shouldn't she do some gigs here? Or maybe Europe, after a decade. If she actually releases a Spanish album, it wouln't hurt to promote it in Spanish speaking countries . I really cannot tell if the US fans are actually craving for a new show from her. Will it have any impact without new material? And personally: I'm not really excited since the chances of going there are like zero for a normal European like me.
  4. Am I'm the only one who's happy with these sales - except Xtine herself most likely? She always said she does not want that huge popstar thing anymore - and considering the (in short: non existent) promo performances or the small tour, I'm not disappointed at all. Honestly I even feared after a six year hiatus ... much worse things could happen - but they did not! For the future, we'll see what time will bring - I hope this year's album (I don't know if I'm believing in that ^^) will be more than "tip toe in the water" like Liberation was considered as, nevertheless
  5. Anita


    Thank you so much! You've put everything I wanted to say in a nutshell: She simply hasn't tried seriously. I'm sorry , since we fans deserve it - but in all honesty: You don't miss anything. Better watch some random Liberation Tour performances. I don't even mind the GP not noticing that "performance".
  6. Anita


    Thanks sooo much for posting - I couldn't find a working video on YT! BTW: Happy new year everyone =)
  7. Anita


    Thanks for your post! I actually feel - probably - kinda the same ... To me this whole performance - I had sooo much looked forward to - had like zero impact ... i mean, yes, hear vocals sounded good - though LTBL was messy as predicted - and well... if I was not a stan, I couldn't tell this is the excellent vocalist, the artist whose music goes under my skin. Judging by this performance.... and well: The cloud wasn't impressed either I blame the strange outfit & at most: the really bad song selection.
  8. Anita


    Genie sounds amazing in the rehearsals! I actually can understand she wants a "fun song" for the New Year, so LTBL isn't a bad choice. I'm only concerned cause LTBL sounded always so messy live
  9. Anita


    Thanks for explaining! I gotta admit I was not a fighter back then, so I don't know the detailed circumstances :-O Back to the (main) topic: First thing I thought, when she said "special album" on Insta, was a "best of" compilation like KGB - and I really do hope that's not the case
  10. Anita


    Did RCA even mess up Bionic? I thought it was - most likely - the case with Lotus, but with Bionic? I thought Xtina was happy with the result
  11. Anita


    Actually this would make more sense than ever cause she always said Liberation (and the tour) was just a "tip toe in the water"
  12. Little Dreamer missing on the final Disc is actually a shame! Honestly I've never thought about a dual disc album - I think it's a great idea! Would make even more sense on Bionic than it did on B2B
  13. This whole Era is more about being a masochist than an optimist though . I really hope she records a Tour DVD/Blu-ray or does some sort of Netflix-Documentary / Concert - but I can't imagine a world tour actually happening though I would love to.... ... and honestly: Here in Europe, she'd flop hard with a Tour if her promotion is just like it is right now - non existent. Just word of mouth won't sell her that much in Europe I guess...
  14. If both statements were true, it would mean, we'd be getting X8 AND worlwide tour dates this year .... I mean, even if it wasn't X that would make no sense since it's already half of November :-P
  15. What we got so far is LTBL-style combined with the shortness of the Telepathy video