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  1. Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince, The Archer, The Man, Afterglow, Cornelia Street.
  2. Worst song on the album in my opinion.
  3. I actually really liked the album, but it's her second-worst behind Reputation, it's convoluted and doesn't really go anywhere sonically or lyrically, it's like she put the songs into a list randomizer and decided the tracklist based on that.
  4. Aquamarine

    Celeb News

    No lies! We're here for some Boots and Spaceship-sized slays.
  5. Aquamarine

    Celeb News

    She better serve, as long as it's a mix of Warrior and Rainbow.
  6. Disney was being greedy by wanting that much of the property's profits, and now instead of 50% they'll get nothing, deserved.
  7. Speak Now should be a 10 But besides that I do agree with everything.
  8. She always does that, her pre-album singles always pale in comparison to the album tracks. A genius, a literal genius, queen of keeping the gays entertained and hyped!
  9. As it should be, why was it even there in the first place?
  10. Aquamarine

    Not Spirit bombing. It deserved so much more, why does she despise promotion so fucking much? I hate this bitch.
  11. The only acceptable answer is table six.
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    Godzilla, Let 'Em Talk, Wherever You Are