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  1. omg i was just watching an episode of The Hills, and there was this event where Interscope Records were launching Lady Gaga as their "brand new" artist and she was performing LoveGame bey3 

  2. Cuff It Cozy Heated Alien Superstar Break My Soul Plastic Off the Sofa I'm That Girl Virgo's Groove Pure/Honey Summer Renaissance All Up in Your Mind Move Energy America Has a Problem Thique Church Girl
  3. I'm obsessed with Cozy and Heated just now
  4. Four... Three... Too F*ckin' Busy ari8 

  5. AOTY - Renaissance ROTY - Break My Soul SOTY - Break My Soul BNA - Anitta / Wet Leg BPSP - About Damn Time BPD/GP - My Universe BTPVA - When Christmas Comes Around... BPVA - Harry's House BD/ER - Break My Soul BD/EA - Renaissance BRockA - Mainstream Sellout BAlternativeMP - Chaise Lounge BAlternativeMA - Wet Leg BR&BP - Virgo's Groove BTR&BP - Plastic Off The Sofa BR&BS - Cuff It BR&BA - Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe) BRapP - Vegas BMRapP - Energy (Live) BRapS - The Heart Part 5
  6. I thought Act II was gonna be the Renaissance visuals and Act III would be the tour???
  7. If Beyonce doesn't win AOTY and/or ROTY istg I'm so glad Red TV got snubbed