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  1. oh I think releasing it now, like MONTHS after "Take My Breath" was a bad idea, as well as releasing it in January of all months. He should've waited until the 2nd anniversary of After Hours, which would be this March, and announced a new single and album then, AND the fact that he's doing a trilogy.
  2. 1. My All 2. I Stay in Love 3. Mine Again 4. I Don't Wanna Cry 5. I Still Believe
  3. these 2 songs remind me of club future nostalgia ari7 



    1. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      this one too



  4. EXCUSE ME "Levitating" still would've been a huge success without a rapper on it. It was mainly because of her Grammy performance/win that the song started becoming big on radio and on the Hot 100 chart. Dua was a fan of DaByeBye and wanted to work with him. That's all