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  1. 'What I will tell you is that the killer, the main killer, will not have the ultra-white mask.  There's something else involved, and it's not the white mask!'
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    Tell me about it
  3. I'll be the first to say
    "Baby what's your name"
    'Cause I want ya;
    That kind of woman...

    eminem suck it GIF

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  5. Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia Coldplay - X&Y Girls Aloud - Girls Aloud: The Collection
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    Haunted. I love your avi btw
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    Oh well Can’t wait to use my perk so that I can come back as “raindrops (an angel cried)” and win the game Ta ta!
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    Pon de Replay: 58 SOS: 44 Umbrella: 54 Take a Bow: 32 Russian Roulette: 78 Only Girl (In the World): 54 We Found Love: 60 Diamonds: 64 Work: 6