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  1. Hold on just a little tighter,
    Come on, hold on, tell me if you're ready,
    Come on (Come on, come on);
    Baby, keep on dancing,
    Let's get physical...


  2. I wonder if the re-recording will have a “country” version and a “pop-radio” version like the first time
  3. Right, that's it. I'm changing my prediction: Apr - Wildest Dreams + 1989 pre-order June - 1989 June - Lead Single + pre-order Aug - Album Aug - Lead Single + pre-order Oct - Album Oct - Lead Single + pre-order Dec - Album That would mean the 5 albums that she can re-release will be done and out the way, and so for 2022 she can either tour, release TS10 or just take a break for God's sake!!!!
  4. This seems really unlikely, but what if Taylor is contributing more to the "Spirit Untamed" movie than just "Wildest Dreams"? I mean I don't know if "Wildest Dreams" is actually part of the soundtrack, or if it was just meant to be used for the trailer only... but what if she's actually doing a "Spirit Untamed" soundtrack in June when the movie comes out?
  5. 22/04/2021 2+2+0+4+2+0+2+1 = 13 If this turns out to be true, my prediction really is waaay off
  6. Paul McCartney, Kate Bush and more sign letter calling on Boris Johnson to fix streaming economy (nme.com) See the new open letter and the full list of signatories below. “Dear Prime Minister, We write to you on behalf of today’s generation of artists, musicians and songwriters here in the UK. For too long, streaming platforms, record labels and other internet giants have exploited performers and creators without rewarding them fairly. We must put the value of music back where it belongs – in the hands of music makers. Streaming is quickly replacing radio as our main m
  7. As it should! One of the best songs on the album!!!!!
  8. Alright, it's only tiny, but still... Beyonce is coming. I mean the social media posts, the Adidas tweet using "All Night", the FWT, the 5th anniversary of LEMONADE coming up... SOMETHING is happening If it turns out to just be a LEMONADE-inspired Ivy Park line, I will be raging... and will probably use my B'day money to buy some
  9. Underneath The Stars That Always Be My Baby remix is one of her best remixes though