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  1. At the moment, my fave is John Landis. He's directed these classics, plus others --->
  2. V For Vendetta

    Ummm... it's NOT an album full of new songs
  3. V For Vendetta


    She’s not winning a damn thing next year
  4. V For Vendetta


    Is there like a set day/time for these rounds, or is it a surprise every time? I mean, I don't wanna have the challenges go on while I'm asleep or at work or something and end up missing out...
  5. V For Vendetta


    Borderline, then
  6. V For Vendetta


    In My Head
  7. V For Vendetta


    OMG Just release the fucking album already
  8. Bye Bye Bye

  9. The top 5 is fucking incredible... but The Ending deserved better... Also, Burn is shit
  10. V For Vendetta

    Celeb News

    After Hours, Future Nostalgia or Fine Line better get that AOTY

    1. Princess Aurora

      Whew. I remember in 2016 it was filled with Anti-Hillary videos. Now it's the opposite rip3 

  12. On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.

  13. Forgot this song for a minute...


  14. He's always been this outspoken and opinionated. I used to think it was quite funny, but in recent years he's become so full of himself, and his music is not as good as it once was. Team Liam