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  1. Forgot this song for a minute...


  2. He's always been this outspoken and opinionated. I used to think it was quite funny, but in recent years he's become so full of himself, and his music is not as good as it once was. Team Liam
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  4. I had “Subway” for the first time in a long time,

    and it was a LOT better than what I remembered 

    comida sandwich GIF by SubwayMX

  5. ...so I’ve officially moved house 🏡... and I can’t be arsed unpacking the rest of my stuff, plus I had to work.





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  7. Beyoncé, 'Lemonade' Parkwood/Columbia, 2016 “Nine times out of 10 I’m in my feelings,” Beyoncé announced on her heartbreak masterpiece, Lemonade. She dropped the album as a Saturday-night surprise, knocking the world sideways — her most expansive and personal statement, tapping into marital breakdown and the state of the nation. It was a different side than she’d shown before, raging over infidelity and jealousy, but reveling in the militant-feminist-funk strut of “Formation.” All over Lemonade she explores the betrayals of American blackness, claiming her place in all of America’s music traditions — she goes outlaw country on “Daddy Lessons,” she digs blues metal with Jack White on “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” she revamps the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on “Hold Up.” Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks — all hail the queen.
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    In the beginning, I thought she was gonna end up a one-hit wonder, but I listened to her album today and I really liked it I’m annoyed at the fact that it took this long to come out, and also that was released JUST AFTER the Grammy deadline this year, but I would like to see her succeed in the future ... also, I’m OBSESSED with “Torn”!!! I fucking love that song
  9. When are we doing a Future Nostalgia megarate?

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    Ummmm.... no
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