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  1. POP2

    Now can anyone tell me how many posts I need so I can post status updates?
  2. POP2

    (That was a diss against Mariah btw, we stan the queen of old people a bit)
  3. POP2

    Except they moo out the same song over and over again
  4. POP2

    I got banned there a couple years ago so I can't access the account but I was @evyonce
  5. POP2

    She does Experimental pop, it's not made for the charts. Just for the most tasteful stans of all
  6. POP2

    At least the guacamole eating non-factor makes ORIGINAL music and not the same song 20 times
  7. POP2

    There's a reason why I asked you to do that
  8. POP2

    Thanks @Yzma I couldn't remember the user that I signed up with before so I had to make a new account. But I guess you can't do THAT here.
  9. POP2

    Oops! It never happened
  10. POP2

    I'm sorry but what? I used my original account for like 2 days. After that I was on ATRL for a couple of years. I'm familiar with the layout of a forum.
  11. POP2

    @Philip I found my original account, can you PM me?
  12. POP2

    Yes, I'm a dupe of an account that I had back in 2011 which I forgot the details of. I made it clear already but clearly not clear enough Now can we go back to talking about cows, I would LOVE to explain it to you in PMs if you're interested, but what I won't take is being accused like this in front of the whole forum & interrogated.
  13. POP2

    Check my introduction thread Also... If you want to talk we can do that in PMs, this thread is to diss cows/ express your inexplainable love for them <3
  14. POP2

    I was on the forum before, I forgot the password to my old account & I was on other forums like ATRL I'm not new to forums
  15. POP2

    Is that an insult?