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  1. Bhad Bharb

    Fuck You ugly hoes I was busy and couldn’t be here so it’s only fair
  2. Bhad Bharb

    Putting the haters in their Place! Get it girl
  3. Bhad Bharb

    I'm going to the last known Whereabouts
  4. Bhad Bharb

    I want to play
  5. Bhad Bharb

    I don’t really understand this... Give me the one You think is good And about hosting... I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that
  6. Bhad Bharb

    Thanks for Hosting this! I had a lot of fun and I’m Sorry I only came to 2 results shows
  7. Bhad Bharb

    We are taking over, get into it
  8. Bhad Bharb

    Yes! I won a game on a Pop Music forum I’d like to thank Google and the 3 other People from question 8 who believed in me, thank you!
  9. Bhad Bharb

    What is a VIP
  10. Bhad Bharb

    Oh wow, oh wow I’m so nervous
  11. Bhad Bharb

    Top 10? Love that