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  1. Bhad Bharb

    The sheer pettiness in this Topic, it's Hilarious
  2. Bhad Bharb

    I wasn't denying that her sound WAS more Pop in the past, I said that she now does Rap exclusively
  3. Bhad Bharb

    Says a MADONNA fan, out of literally Everyone. But of course it's only Good if it's convenient for U
  4. Bhad Bharb

    The sheer pettiness Nicki is a Great Rapper, she doesn't even do Pop
  5. Bhad Bharb

    Who, out of the PopGirls, is the absolute WORST vocalist? Of Course, we're not talking about People like Britney, but People who actually make an attempt to Sing & fail MISERABLY I think the Only answer to this Question is... Selena Gomez & I don't think I need to provide any Video clips, we've all seen them
  6. Bhad Bharb


    It doesn't change the Experience for me, I judge the Songs individually.
  7. Bhad Bharb


    Who cares about the Order anyway
  8. Bhad Bharb

    They wanted the Queen
  9. Bhad Bharb

    We Know! U can stay Mad
  10. Bhad Bharb

    That even the BIGGEST K-Pop group wanted her on their Song, G.L.O.B.A.L.
  11. What's good Korea

  12. Bhad Bharb

    @Chris Morlock Stay mad, idk why Ure so pressed
  13. Bhad Bharb

    I voted for Thank U, Next?
  14. Which PopGirl 2019 album is Better? Vote