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  2. I KNEW it would be trash, I just knew it And all of U yesterday didn't believe me, it's a literal Kidz Bop song, what a tragedy
  3. I'm NOT The aesthetic was a bold choice, and the Song title is just so tragic, how she's been "hyping" it for weeks and then it Turns out to be a feautre, nothing wrong with features but they never worked out for Taylor lbr will she prove me wrong? We'll see!
  4. Bhad Bharb

    I guess I need to snatch some more Bonus points next time
  5. Bhad Bharb

    Finally claimed my rightful throne I see
  6. Bhad Bharb

    Me but the other way around
  7. Bhad Bharb

    Why the fuck didn't I come to the other result shows
  8. Bhad Bharb

    Excuse me
  9. Bhad Bharb

    At least I got the one that mattered right
  10. Bhad Bharb

    Don't worry, ALL of my answers were shit
  11. Bhad Bharb

    I'm on a roll
  12. Bhad Bharb

    about 12.5 years
  13. Bhad Bharb

    9 years, 5 months and 25 days
  14. Bhad Bharb

    It's literally only known for not going #1 where You been
  15. Bhad Bharb

    Madonna was so lucky to survive it
  16. Bhad Bharb

    I just Googled the question making up for my depressingly shitty Answers!
  17. Bhad Bharb

    25 million
  18. Bhad Bharb

    This is DEPRESSING how did I become such a failure at this
  19. Bhad Bharb

    Wow a top answer for once
  20. Bhad Bharb

    oak tree
  21. Bhad Bharb

    I need these bonus points today