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  1. Bhad Bharb

    At least I got the one that mattered right
  2. Bhad Bharb

    Don't worry, ALL of my answers were shit
  3. Bhad Bharb

    I'm on a roll
  4. Bhad Bharb

    about 12.5 years
  5. Bhad Bharb

    9 years, 5 months and 25 days
  6. Bhad Bharb

    It's literally only known for not going #1 where You been
  7. Bhad Bharb

    Madonna was so lucky to survive it
  8. Bhad Bharb

    I just Googled the question making up for my depressingly shitty Answers!
  9. Bhad Bharb

    This is DEPRESSING how did I become such a failure at this
  10. Bhad Bharb

    Wow a top answer for once
  11. Bhad Bharb

    I need these bonus points today
  12. Bhad Bharb

    I am literally doing my WORST what happened to effortlessly slaying
  13. Bhad Bharb

    I guess I chose the right person for Worst Player
  14. Bhad Bharb

    I thought that was just my shitty Internet
  15. Bhad Bharb

    Wow I am already tanking harder than Money on the charts
  16. Bhad Bharb

    Stream Wobble by the Queen of Rap featuring some irrelevants
  17. Bhad Bharb

    I hope I can do Well cause my answers were SHITTY
  18. Bhad Bharb

    I was waiting for this finally was able to make it