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    Nicki Minaj Black Friday The Re-Sale
  2. Bhad Bharb

    Back to school with Bhad Bharb
  3. Bhad Bharb

    @Chris Morlock @Freaky Prince @fab @harry There you go WERE, not WAS!
  4. Bhad Bharb

    Omg you guys are dumber than I thought Read about the Subjunctive Mood, I think you'll find it very informative & enlightening
  5. Bhad Bharb

    Oh FOTP, I thought you were educated
  6. Bhad Bharb

    Just as I thought, her fans have already been affected
  7. She must learn about the subjunctive mood before she decides to write any more songs Think of her audience- CHILDREN, listening to these Grammatically incorrect lyrics, and acquiring WRONG knowledge of the English language without knowing it! Revolting! Can you spot the Mistakes? Or are her fans in too deep already? Her influence is too big to commit such Crimes!
  8. Yes! Let's laugh at that bitch
  9. I'm really starting to dig my new "Set", whoever made it, I'm so thankful to you- as you have allowed Me to finally sea the truth and sip the real Tea. Nicki Minaj is a FLOP and she LOST majorly to Cardi B and others. What do you think?
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    Whoever made that monstrosity, Let's be friends
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    History repeats Itself
  12. Bhad Bharb

    Gonna win this just like last Time
  13. Bhad Bharb

    Omg, yes!
  14. Bhad Bharb

    This flopped, y’all are Boring
  15. Bhad Bharb

    And the FOTP award for Funniest member goes to...
  16. Bhad Bharb

    How stupid do You think I am?
  17. Since 1989 (the year) The quality of her Music has just been getting worse and worse, and now, She even lost the GP's support! It seems her audience's average age is Also plummeting, soon she might replace the Baby shark What do you think? Are you worried for Her future? Is Jesus Godaj going to save that Poor woman's career? Or will she join Katy Perry in the irrelevants club?
  18. Bhad Bharb

    You’re so educated, I’m impressed
  19. Bhad Bharb

    It seems like FOTP acquired some Taste while I was on a break I am proud of You for realising the truth
  20. Bhad Bharb

  21. Bhad Bharb

    I'll join, Sure
  22. "Suicide" HAH, nice joke