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  1. WHY is this site so Slow???

  2. What's good Korea

  3. Stan t.A.T.u.

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    2. Freaky Prince

      Pretty much the whole 20KM/H album + All About Us, Loves Me Not, Friend or Foe gaga3

    3. Bhad Bharb

      t.A.S.T.e. bey13

    4. Freaky Prince

      Minus 'Malchik Gay' btw, obviously dead2

  4. The Snowflakes are Melting

  5. I am the generous QUEEN

    Ask miss Ellen

  6. I bought 7 Rings for my hoes we wear them on our Toes fall8

  7. I'm Kobe, KD, Kyrie, pick a K

  8. I'm disgusting

    1. laracroftonline

      we know :P

      love ya <3


    2. Billie Frank

      Well at least you've got something right. rav2

  9. Stop changing my Titles I want to add My Personal Flair to them

  10. I'm Sorry for being problematic Today... I had a bad week and Wrongfully took it Out Here, Please don't hold it Against Me gaga1

  11. People who preach about forum rules should know to follow them too

  12. Porque yo soy tu veneno lana5

  13. Got 2 bones to pick, ima only choose one ari5

    U might get addressed on the 2nd album ari5

    Which means U can breathe til I motherfuckin SAY SO ari5

    To all my bad bitches - I can see ur halo ari5

  14. How do I get those little faves icons under my avatar??? :)

    1. Chris Morlock

      also up at the top of any FOTP page, your name, under settings is "Stan Badges"

  15. Can the mods please stop editing my posts?

    1. Chris Morlock

      well read the damn rules then find out why they edit them moo12 

    2. Bhad Bharb

      I posted "Do U Believe In God" and they edited it twice let me spell it how I want?? I'm sure that doesn't break any rules 

  16. Pain? Oh wow, 2010 me is stanning

  17. I've got no tears left to cry...

  18. Yes Ariana, Yes thank u, next

  19. This is King Kong ari5

  20. tumblr_inline_pdslvqsUFP1uhi7ch_540.gif

    help why can't I make this my avatar