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  1. River Song

    Expecting everybody to have a moon walk or a snake moment is redick, iconic moments are suppose to be rare which is why when it happens it's so fucking iconic.
  2. River Song

    Celeb News

    How does he not know she literally had a breakdown over him being elected
  3. River Song

    If anything this should just show y'all how tired and stupid these stans wars are, all these girls stan all our favs.
  4. River Song

    The team Mariah had around her for a while was so evil, i'm surprised more messy shit didn't happen in that time period.
  5. River Song

    Funny how you equated acting ghetto and ratchet to being black
  6. Nawt her trying it with a bandage dress lmfaooo, but yeah she really has no clue how to dress herself when she's bigger. This was cute tbh
  7. River Song

    Celeb News

    Vegas is where its at, the foresight & impact some ppl have
  8. Oh, so I'm totally up on River Song now sia2 I've seen up to the first two episodes of series 6 and so far I really like her. 

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      What's your favorite episode (or sequence of episodes) up to that point? As far as her interactions with Smith go I like pretty much all of them so far, although the Weeping Angels episodes kinda reduced the mystique/scare factor ignoring those creatures, but they're both still good.


      And I know she's not in it, but incidentally I really liked the Christmas Carol special, although I love any variation of that story in general.

    3. River Song

      Vincent and the doctor brit2

      Runaway Bride 


      The end of time 


      The empty child 


      Partners in crime 


      Satan's pit 




      The fires of pompeii


      The end of time 


      Omg and the asylum of the daleks... oh wait is that season 6 or 7 um1 either way slay brit2



      Lord i'm trying to remember names and which episodes came from which season 

    4. Dennis Reynolds

      So I know who she is now scream1 although I kinda guessed it when she meets Rory earlier in the same episode.

  9. River Song

    Celeb News

    He's still credited as a writer on spotify
  10. River Song

    Celeb News

    He will also have your coins, cuz he's a writer on the song and gets paid no matter which version is being played
  11. It's not tho, they've been married for 25 years and got married when they both had nothing, there was no need for a prenup
  12. The show has not been canceled, nappy & the press release said it was postponed and did y'all even read the article We're still getting the album Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, says, “Everything is on hold right now until Jamie is better. But once he is, she will resume working on the album with Justin. Right now, she’s taking some time off to deal with these family issues”