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  1. they're going to new jersey instead of coming to new york, if their dumbasses don't add a new york date
  2. uedpHpu.gif


    Choose your fighter 

    1. Jae


      Who’s the first one 

    2. River Song
  3. Oh, so I'm totally up on River Song now sia2 I've seen up to the first two episodes of series 6 and so far I really like her. 

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    2. River Song

      River Song

      Vincent and the doctor brit2

      Runaway Bride 


      The end of time 


      The empty child 


      Partners in crime 


      Satan's pit 




      The fires of pompeii


      The end of time 


      Omg and the asylum of the daleks... oh wait is that season 6 or 7 um1 either way slay brit2



      Lord i'm trying to remember names and which episodes came from which season 

    3. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      So I know who she is now scream1 although I kinda guessed it when she meets Rory earlier in the same episode.

    4. River Song

      River Song

      Whew the Melody pond reveal was a moment gaga1

  4. We been knew but...Kylie exposes Kendall


    1. Kyoteki


      lol. Just, lol.

  5. “Hours later found out, cheated on me, got gonorrhea, didn’t tell me. That’s fun.”

    dani Retweeted Angel † Isa“Hours later found out, cheated on me, got gonorrhea, didn’t tell me. That’s fun.”


  6. This name is a Doctor Who reference, I'm assuming?

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Since you mentioned the Christmas specials, I wanted to say that I really liked the one with Catherine Tate, she and the whole situation with her arriving on the Tardis was a great way to have the Doctor not be a Debbie Downer from the beginning of the season. Looking forward to seeing her again, not that I don't like Martha Jones from her two episodes that I've seen.

    3. River Song

      River Song

      Martha's great she really grows on you, but omg Cathrine Tate is a goddness. She and David did what needed to be done brit2


      Also you need to watch this 



    4. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Just watched the first River Song episode in the library - pretty good, although the best is yet to come, I'm sure.

  7. DutAM2dWwAAEAWL.jpg

    1. Urbi


      Apple Music using Twitter for Android? mad5 

    2. River Song

      River Song

      Guess Apple employees know something nouveau riche twitter doesn't eve1




    I can't eve1

  9. Stan twitter is so easily triggered eve1



    God might have snapped when he made him katy2