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  1. Her most personal term of endearment
  2. Sis have you forgotten the BJ era, where she did nothing and she didn't even have this excuse
  3. She has not so much as instagramed, you think she'd be doing any of that
  4. So it can outright bomb, there would be no promo, no music vids, no ticket bundle
  5. River Song

    Itzy winning over Hwasa was not it for me
  6. River Song


    Anyone trying to get tix next week?????? i'm so anxious cuz it's gonna be a whole mess
  7. River Song

    they're going to new jersey instead of coming to new york, if their dumbasses don't add a new york date
  8. The amount of artists the shammys have pissed off is insane, they really think they don't need them the ratings for this mess is gonna be hilarious
  9. Everybody making 21 crumpet jokes, but she gets dragged for saying they're funny... Locals are crazy
  10. Glad she's doing a ton of promo
  11. River Song

    The only person Agu hates is Xtina, they stay doing everything in their power to get her dragged on the daily
  12. River Song


    Why does her hand look so fake
  13. River Song

    I love her music it's so much fun, Good as hell, Let 'em say and scuse me are it
  14. River Song