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  1. BlueBalls


    Yeah, I know she manages everything and she is very artistic in every single way, as well as a perfeccionist. And that's fine, I like her because of that, she stands out. But it's true that she has promised a lot of things that never saw the light of day. She should be 100% sure of something before announcing anything I think.
  2. BlueBalls


    As simple as she posted an instagram story saying it, lol. And that was like 3 weeks ago, before Christmas. So... She said "we are finishing editing the video now and it will be out soon for you guys" while you could see some video scenes. But Nope. it's Kerli, I'm used to her fake promises and constant delays and I'm not even mad. It's just the way it is. I'm used to already and most of her fans are. It just doesn't match the three singles thing prior the album release she planned. Or maybe just one of those singles will be having a music video and the rest will only be promo singles? I assumed all three would have their own music videos, but with her you never know.
  3. BlueBalls

    Are you joking? I think you mean the contrary. Does she remember any of them now? Like O-town? really? Aaron Carter? lol, why? It wouldn't be that strange if Nick and her did it since it's been ages since they broke up and they have matured, and even then, I don't think that's the case, they ended horribly, lol.
  4. BlueBalls

    I guess it just fits as a Jigglypuff song and that's why the chose it, then added some Jigglypuff vocals at the end, since it seems the case. I suppose she wrote it and recorded it for herself more than she was asked for doing a Jigglypuff song. I think the song is pretty good, it doesn't really sound dated and it's better than some of the songs from Willa Was Here.
  5. BlueBalls


    It's done and edited since like 3 weeks. She is not going to give us what she promised. She said another single would come in January with another music video and then another one before the album came out. We will get two singles with videos at best. I prefer it this way, but she is queen of fake promising.
  6. BlueBalls

    I have these, they are pretty good, Galaxies is one of my favorite songs from her and Stupid Boy is pretty catchy. I used to have "Turn the World Upside Down" but as I didn't like it, I deleted it. Is "Shut Down" "Shot You Down"?, I guess not, since that last one was a single, but just asking.
  7. BlueBalls


    Yeah, this. Like In The Zone has the better songs on her entire career but as a whole Blackout just stands out, it's really cohesive, plus the songs still sound fresh today, unlike some in "In The Zone". But In The Zone having in the same album: Toxic, Everytime, Breathe on Me, Touch of My Hand, Showdown, The Hook Up, Boys & Girls, Don't Hang Up, The Answer... love all those.
  8. ...Baby One More Time Favorite track: Born to Make you Happy Least Favorite track: Think' About You Overrated track: BOMT Underrated track: E-mail my Heart Oops!...I Did It Again Favorite track: Don't Go Knocking on My Door Least Favorite track: Satisfaction Overrated track: Oops! Underrated track: When Your Eyes Say It Britney Favorite track: I Run Away Least Favorite track: I Love Rock N' Roll Overrated track: Overprotected Underrated track: That's Where You Take Me In The Zone Favorite track: Don't Hang Up Least Favorite track: Brave New Girl Overrated track: Shadow Underrated track: Don't Hang Up Blackout Favorite track: Break the Ice Least Favorite track: Heaven on Earth Overrated track: Heaven on Earth Underrated track: Outta This World Circus Favorite track: Phonography Least Favorite track: Almost every single song Overrated track: Almost every single song Underrated track: Unusual You Femme Fatale Favorite track: Trip to You Heart Least Favorite track: Almost every single song Overrated track: Almost every single song Underrated track: Trip to Your Heart Britney Jean Favorite track: Hold on Tight Least Favorite track: Chillin' With You Overrated track: Work Bitch Underrated track: Hold on Tight Glory Favorite track: Mood Ring Least Favorite track: Do You Wanna Come Over? Overrated track: Do You Wanna Come Over? Underrated track: Mood Ring
  9. BlueBalls


    It makes sense now that Latin music is everywhere. But she promised this like in 2006 before releasing BTB. 13 years later, lol. I rather prefer a new english album since she won't write anything on this spanish record. At the very best, she might decide which songs she wants to record and the sound of them, but that's about it.
  10. BlueBalls


    Dirrty smashed everywhere except the US though. Perfect lead single to be honest.
  11. BlueBalls


    How about deleting the whole album? thank you. I'm 100% sure she is zero proud of it. No creativity, no essence. If I had to rearrange what we have: 1. Lotus 2. Fuck Your Body 3. Let There Be Love 4. Make the World Move 5. Sing for Me 6. Blank Page 7. Best of Me 8. Just a Fool 9. Cease Fire 10. Light Up the Sky The rest are generic as hell, or just simply bad. "Army of me" it's just a rip-off Fighter song with worse production, lyrics and melody. The original album cover it's not that bad, it could have been better, like this one or the one posted above.
  12. BlueBalls


    I don't care about sales and this album is my fave out of the ones I've heard this year, but this album deserved way better. Dead on arrival. I don't know what's happening, maybe he is going to get dropped, maybe that's what he wants and go independent? no clue. He doesn't seem interested in promoting, that's for sure. No TV interview at all (since he NEVER performs, which is weird). Anyway, this album is the bomb, listen to it if you haven't still, it's amazing.
  13. BlueBalls


    Yes, a disco album, a rock inspired album and a sultry experimental R&B album is all I ask her for,
  14. BlueBalls


    Fuck, I love this album. Sure there's like 8-9 songs that don't add anything and I skip, but there's like 19 masterpieces here. My holy trinity are: All That/ If I Got You/ Flight of the Stars. I encourage you to listen to it this way: 1. Let Me 2. Natural 3. Back to Life 4. Common 5. Tonight 6. Flight of the Stars 7. If I Got You 8. Talk to Me 9. There You Are 10. I Don't Mind 11. Icarus Interlude 12. You Wish You Knew 13. Entertainer 14. All That 15. Fresh Air 16. Fingers I also like "Imprint", "Stand Still" and "Scripted", but they are a little dense and I think the album works better this way for a first or second listening.
  15. BlueBalls


    Get Mine Get Yours should have been Top 5, at least Top 6. Bullshit. I expected Lovin' Me 4 Me lower though it's a really sweet song, kinda like fairytale sounding. I used to skip it when I was younger because it bored me, but with years I appreaciate it more. The mood it's magical and pretty sensual. Underappreaciated is the worst one to me, but now that I see it, maybe I could have give it a 4, even a 5. It's bearable, when I was 16 I hated it. Make Over, on the other side, it aged pretty badly. I used to like it, but the "Overload" rip off it's pretty obvious and the chorus is so loud! I can't even hear it today. So deserved spot to me. Also, Cruz deserved way better. Who can give a 1 to a song like that? you have no soul. It's beautiful. The rest was less surprising and I'm pretty ok with it. My notes and Ranking: 1. Get Mine, Get Yours: 10 2. I'm OK: 10 3. CHUD: 10 4. Dirrty: 10 5. Walk Away: 10 6. Fighter: 10 7. Cruz: 9 8. Infatuation: 9 9. Impossible: 9 10. Loving Me 4 Me: 8 11. The Voice Within: 8 12. Beautiful: 7 (It's iconic and it's a pretty good song, but I'm sooo bored of it. I barely hear it) 13. Soar: 6 14. Keep On Singing My Song: 5 15. Make Over: 4 16. Underappreaciated: 3