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  1. Yay Of course we want an album cover one, sis
  2. Lotus Intro. Even as an intro it's more of a song that the other one
  3. Needed Me though I'm not a fan, the other one it's too basic.
  4. I really like both but they are so different, lol. I guess Breathe it's the better song. I love Colbie.
  5. Maria on the previous one. Fall in line in this one by far, lol Chillin' with you it's one of the worst tracks Britney ever recorded.
  6. Obviously Rude Boy in the previous round. And obviously Kiss it better now. Way better.
  7. Lol at I wanna be Bad by Willa Ford not making it. Such an iconic song. And I see Hoku's Perfect day there which it didn't even chart back in the day, lol. I despise this list.
  8. 7 The photo is nostalgic but as a cover is a bit simple.