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  1. Slave 4 U? man this video is 80% Dirrty, lol. Greedy is way better, this is kind of bland and nothing new under the sun. She has energy and star quality though but her voice... is a no for me.
  2. I know girl, but considering how little movement there is in the forum a discussion about something is a disussion, right?
  3. Feed the Beast is SO much better like this: 1. Feed the Beast 2. Alone 3. King of Hearts 4. Bait (this can stay out though) 5. Roller Girl 6. Power 7. Claws 8. Try Again 9. Minute 10. Castle in the Sky 11. brrr
  4. Padam Padam - 8,5 Hold On To Now - 10 Things We Do For Love - 10 Tension - 9,5 One More Time - 7 You Still Get Me High - 8 Hands - 6 Green Light - 8 Vegas High - 8 10 Out of 10 - 8 Story - 9 Love Train - 8 Just Imagine - 10 Somebody To Love - 10 Heavenly Body - 10 Drum - 10
  5. Magic vs Padam Padam (both bops though, Magic is just catchier to me) Miss A Thing vs Hold On To Now Real Groove vs Things We Do For Love Monday Blues vs Tension Supernova vs One More Time Say Something vs You Still Get Me High Last Chance vs Hands I Love It vs Green Light Where Does The DJ Go? vs Vegas High Dance Floor Darling vs 10 Out Of 10 Unstoppable vs Story Celebrate You vs Love Train Till You Love Somebody vs Just Imagine Fine Wine vs Somebody To Love Hey Lonely vs Heavenly Body Spotlight vs Drum 3 vs 13, just speaks how good of an album Tension is.
  6. This is her best album to date hands down. Just no skips, even all those leaked scrapped songs are AMAZING. She had enough good songs for a Tension Part II, is insane.
  7. The album is really good though. "Got me started" is addicting, "One of your Girls", "Silly" and "Honey" are my favorites as well.
  8. This is a good album but just got a really messy release. I wanna think than when they released Feed the Beast this one wasn't planned because Revelations, Sex Talk and all those Problematique songs should NOT have been in Feed the Beast, that made the album not cohesive at all. The debut album should have stayed new songs only and dark songs only, they had enough songs for both eras to make full albums, I don't get it to be honest. Like add "Try Again", "Somber" or "Power" among others and you got the perfect Feed the Beast album and then all the disco songs on Problematique.
  9. This might grow on me but I know for sure this is her worst project so far. Too generic and noisy. Still some good bops on it: Claw, Minute, brrr, Alone or title track are great. Rest might grow on me.
  10. Oh so only 3 tracks are actually 3 minutes, rest are 2:00... yeah not surprised on this following the trend, lol.
  11. Hahahaha well I think Romance was pretty good as an album, some fillers but nothing too bad. Unfortunately can't say the same with her last album, lol.
  12. Hi guys, yeah that album you mentioned was supposed to be "Candy" and for all I can remember it was before "Problematique" sessions. She could very much have had like 4-5 albums out at this point, counting Clarity which to me was one.
  13. It is! I personally love "3AM" even more, is my favorite from her, but this one would be second. I made like an album with 10 tracks with all these sultry songs she has released lately and it's soooo good. Can't wait for the official album. So far I think only "If I call" will be in it. And about being signed she said few months ago she doubled her streams and followers ever since going independant so, yeah, don't think she will be in another one, lol.
  14. What a banger honestly, obsessed. She is from New Zealand, has pretty good streams and has released 2 EP's and a debut album in 2018 but the music she is being doing from 2019 until today is the best one, more sultry and relaxing. She is preparing another album this year.
  15. What a freaking bop. She is a genius.