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  1. BlueBalls


    8 Yeah, way better than GIAB, lol
  2. BlueBalls


    I'm sad this album it's no longer a disco album and she mixed it with different styles, will probably be zero cohesive. All this time and Don't worry about me were such bops. This new single it's ok but nothing like those. Still hyped for this though.
  3. BlueBalls


    It's amazing, probably best song on the album though
  4. BlueBalls


    She is crazy talented, can't wait for this new album her last one was pretty incredible.
  5. BlueBalls


    ok I like this more than Better now, lol It's really catchy and I love the beat.
  6. BlueBalls


    Yeah right? now she only has to provide a good song
  7. wtf she sounds exactly like Camila Cabello here. Video is great, the song it's so outdated, lol, adds absolutely nothing new.
  8. BlueBalls


    Icarus Falls it's a fucking great album, nobody gave the oportunity to listen to it more than two times considering it has 27-29 tracks, which yeah, it's crazy. But you can always hear it in two halves, which it's what I did. But people saying it's bad, lol, nope! there's like 7 skips yeah but there's like 20-21 tracks I love. I can count with one hand albums with that amount of tracks in which I love every single track. So it's definitely not bad, you just have to dive into it, if you are not in the mood, obviously you won't enjoy it. This new album though, I was excited for it, it's just more Zayn which is good, it's true he took zero risks but this is his style and I love him in this sexy R&B mellow thing so I'm ok with the album. Expected a bit more but I'm sure I will love it with listenings. Calamity it's a fucking joke though. How could this make the cut? lol.
  9. BlueBalls


    Around the World Both trash, but the other one, lol, atrocity. At least the other one has good vocals and a great chorus. That Britney album should have never existed.
  10. BlueBalls


    Fireworks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> That era from Gaga is horrendous, gosh.
  11. BlueBalls


    Dirrty was a HUGE hit worldwide, except in the USA, so I'm only counting it because it should have smashed in her country. If that song would have been released by a male artist back in the day it would have been #1. Hipocrisy. Can't Hold Us Down was a hit but not a smash, it definitely deserved better to one of the BIGGER anthems in pop history. Fighter should have been bigger than it was, it did well, but deserved better Candyman of course, it's one of her most memorable songs to date, it really only was a hit in Australia. What a blasphemy. Not myself Tonight though it wasn't the best option for a single Your Body deserved way better Also Accelerate and Fall in Line Telepathy was never an official single and it doesn't have a proper video so I don't count it
  12. BlueBalls


    OMG hate both If I'm Dancing I guess
  13. BlueBalls


    This is what you came for, by far, it's still iconic Always hated Love on top