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  1. Oh my gosh this is impossible Where did I wrote Kesha was lying? I don't know the truth of their story. Also, I was not refering to Dr.Luke in that sentence you quoted, again, I was talking about man in general. I honestly don't know what he has done, I just read a few things about him, I'm not really interested on him.
  2. BlueBalls


    Cute summer bop she's released:
  3. With "instantly" I wasn't refering to Kesha's situation. I was talking in the most general way possible. A girl says she's been abused and society thinks she is saying the truth, and believe me, there's been a lot of cases were girls lied. All I'm saying is that the man it's not always guilty or a monster, and lately it does seem like it. And as a man myself, it's pretty sad. Of course I'm super against to those who DO it, but it's not always black or white, there's a lot of gray scales. You are Kesha fan and I get it. And I even care way less of Dr. Luke to be honest, I'm not going to be the one defending him. I'm just talking in general. All I said about this particular case it's that only the both of them truly knows what happened.
  4. That's not entirely true though. If an artist wants to record with a certain producer, and the producer wants to produce for him/her, they will collaborate together. It's more about money, chemistry and artistic vision. I would even say that being on a label she would even have less freedom to do that to be honest. About the Kesha and Luke thing, I have no idea who owns the truth. Only the two of them really know it. But I find it funny how society instantly believes the woman and the man doesn't even have the benefit of the doubt. And of course if he did it I understand the hatred, but we honestly don't know. Also I don't see how this possible issue can affect Kim. Even if it's true, he might not do anything to her anyway. They just work in music together and that's it. Topic question wise: Yes. I always thought they could do some great things together.
  5. BlueBalls


    My faves are: 1. Blow it All 2. All I Do is Cry 3. Icy 4. Do Me 5. Another One/Sweet Spot
  6. BlueBalls


    This is super catchy, love the vibe.
  7. BlueBalls


    Amazing video. She is seriously underrated.
  8. BlueBalls


    She is queen of bops, but "Clarity" being used here it's a little weird, unless it counts as an intro. I guess this has no physical release...
  9. BlueBalls


    Another cute pop song, she is really going for the old good pop sound from the early 2000's:
  10. BlueBalls


    Hey you got drugs? Disco Tits Romantics Shivering Gold shedontknowbutsheknows stranger struggle Don't ask, don't tell Bitches Circles 9th October Bad Days Worse than Lady Wood for sure, but still pretty pretty decent.
  11. BlueBalls


    Album title is a bit cheesy, but other than than, excited for her new stuff. She is so unique.
  12. BlueBalls


    Same here, at first was ok but didn't capture my attention, it's really different from all the stuff she released before. But it really grows on you, I think it's a really cute little summer bop, a song to hear on the beach or in the swimming pool while drinking some beers. And I love the lyrics, she is a genius, lol.
  13. BlueBalls


    1. Cease Fire 2. Lotus Intro 3. Your Body 4. Sing For Me 5. Best of Me 6. Just a Fool 7. Let There Be Love 8. Make The World Move 9. Light up the Sky 10. Blank Page 11.. Army of Me 12. Around the World 13. Empty Words 14. Circles 15. Red Hot Kinda Love 16. Shut Up Pretty awful if you ask me
  14. BlueBalls


    1. Birds of Prey 2. Elastic Love 3. Little Dreamer 4. Woohoo 5. Glam 6. Monday Morning 7. Bionic 8. Lift Me Up 9. Not Myself Tonight 10. Sex for Breakfast 11. All I Need 12.. You Lost Me 13. I Am 14. Bobblehead 15. My Girls 16. Stronger Than Ever 17. Prima Donna 18. I Hate Boys 19. Desnúdate 20. Vanity
  15. BlueBalls

    Could you guys please stop tagging me on here? I stopped playing in like January or so and I'm not following the game anymore... thank you.