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    WILLA FORD: RADIO INTERVIEW WITH KIIS FM LOS ANGELES . About her new shocking album cover and title, "Porn Poetry" . About her new music video . About her feud with Britney So, we have Miss Willa here again to talk about her music video, her new album, some controversy around it and the feud? with Britney. - Welcome back again, Willa Willa: Thank you for having me again, it's nice to be here - So you released your music video ever since you came here for the first time. Can you tell us something about the filming? the making of? working With Miguel Angel Silvestre? Willa: It was fantastic. It's been like forever. Filming movies it's definitely really different to filming music videos. The only thing in common is the interpretation. This is for my song, my heart, so there's more magic into it. The setting was amazing, you know I had this idea of Cry = Waterfall as something really huge, sensual and majestic. Willa's new "Cry Me a River" from Justin now called "Cry Me a Waterfall", then add the Willa Ford turn on and there you have it (laughs). Miguel Angel was really nice to work with, he was always smiling and making sure I was comfortable 100% of the time. So next girl in his life, you are lucky! (laughs). There was some language issues since he is still learning and trying to be fluent in english, but he is just adorable. - Your album cover has caused a lot of reactions. Lots of likes going there, you've rised in popularity a lot ever since it was posted. But also, there's a lot of haters surfacing: Willa: There's always going to be haters I'm afraid. And to be honest, I'm quite used to them. I already had them when I wasn't even in the spotlight, just for being Nick Carter's girlfriend! it's crazy how human feelings can go sometimes, it's quite scary. Most of the reactions have been nice though, I believe in that. Most of the insults are so narrow minded that they don't affect me, at all. Really. Those who write those things are already saying it all, I don't even have to defend myself. It's absurd to defend myself on something so pure as human body. Embrace your own body, people! there's nothing to be ashamed of! - We are with you on this one. Can you tell us more about what's porn and what's poetry in your new album? Willa: It's just a catchy title. There's poetry because there's a lot of deep thoughts and feelings. But they are mixed with things like pleasure, longing, desire and love. I think I'm just describing human beings. This is basically me. Not all the songs are about me though, there's a lot of characters in my songs. I wanted to put myself into others. Thinking about how would it be like to be a prostitute, the ups and downs, the vulnerable feelings and the outcast feelings... I've contacted with some of them to tell me their story. There' still so much say in this, really. They deserve to be treated how they really deserve, as all woman deserve to be treated. - Which are your favorite tracks on the album? there's a lot of interesting themes and titles Willa: I'm too close to the record, I don't know... it's really hard. I will say 4 songs: "Into My Bed" which is the one I talked about earlier, "Erotic Fantasies", "Longing Desire" and "Angel on Earth" of course. Oh, and "Deep Down the Well" too. I cannot left that one out either, it's way too personal. You see? I can't pick one! (laughs) - We know you hate talking about it again, but what happened with Britney? You've been just saying nice things about her lately and then she posted that related to something that happened 17 years ago, really? You already apologize here about that, but it's been LONG my gosh. Willa: I shouldn't really talk about this but I feel like I owe you one. She started all this, you can pretty much see my past interviews, I said nothing but nice things to her. My connect post was a really impulsive moment on my part though I'm still hallucinating. I don't really know what to say. She came my way the other day, she didn't look angry to be honest. We talked about what happened in the past, I apologize to her. Then, there was that. Maybe someone close to her told her to do so. This industry has always been like this, sometimes it seems like we must be hating on each other. But I have great relationships overall with the other girls. You know, there's enough room for every single one of us. We all are talented. - Her fans are furious. Connect posts are raging now. There's a lot of people on your side too though. Willa: Well, they are her fans, what could you expect? they are not going to defend me (laughs). All I can say is she started this. Some might say: "hey, you started all this first in 2001, bitch", and yeah, it's true. But it's been 17 fucking years. I've changed. I came back. I was just being nice. Then this exploded out of nowhere. Not fair, sorry. But I'm not going to stay silent and be a pretty good girl. I will always speak my mind. - Some say this is an strategic move and both your managers are seeking a duet with you two. Others say this was just a misinterpretation on Britney's part and some simply say you are just rivals. Willa: What? first news, really. I doubt that is going to happen. She hates me (laughs). Out of those three I really believe is the second one. - So you are going to perform "Cry" today at "Dancing With the Stars". Twelve years later since you participated as a contestant there. Willa: Yes! I'm so excited! I LOVED being there. I wanted to win so bad. I put so many hours and effort into that show, and everybody knows. 9 hours of rehearsing everytime. But I was happy there. I could have been the first one to go, since I was in the bottom two. Then I could have been the second one to go, since I ended up in the bottom three as well. I finally ended up being the fifth one, so better than I expected. I wasn't prepared to be the first one to go, it would have been so disappointing. But I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to win that so bad, being the fifth one to go was a bittersweet moment. But it could have been worse. - We can also see you on Kimmel this Thursday Willa: Yes! I'm going to his show too. Interview and performance, so yeah, pretty nervous (laughs) - Ok, so thanks for coming Willa, we hope you success with your future album release. Do you know when is it coming though? Willa: Not yet, we probably are going to wait to see how far "Cry" can go, then release a second single, and then the album. Thanks for having me today!
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    She is starting to get really big, especially on spotify. Her target audience it's something between 16-35. Young people basically. But she is getting a lot of press here. She is the new sensation. Her album debuted at #2 only because there were album signings of "Operacion Triunfo" (TV show similar to American Idol) and all those little kids live for the contestants right now (we'll see in 6 months). But it wouldn't surprise me at all if she gets #1 tomorrow in her second week.
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    Wish I could. I would be listening to her unreleased album as we speak, instead of trying to make that album up, lol.
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    Hehe, thank you! actually she could have saved pop way back in 2004, since "Porn Poetry" was the title she wanted first. The label said no so they tentatively named it "SexySexObsessive" as one of the songs, though as it wasn't released, we don't know if they would have chosen that one either, lol. She then said she wanted her tour (yes, tour, lol, my poor little thing) to be called "Porn Poetry" instead, as she couldn't name the album like that. She was pretty ahead of her time honestly, and she is smarter than what she might look. It's a shame what happened to her, she could have bring us a lot of bops actually. By the way, what @hector said about Connect happened to me also. I haven't entered in some hours but yeah, it went crazy, lol
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    WILLA FORD REVEALS ALBUM COVER AND TRACKLISTING FOR SHOCKING TITLED SOPHOMORE ALBUM, "PORN POETRY" Billboard.com New York City 1. Cry 2. Erotic Fantasies 3. I See You 4. Longing Desire 5. Pieces 6. Violated 7. Go Low 8. Into My Bed 9. Deep Down The Well 10. Who I Am 11. Angel on Earth Willa has just revealed her sophomore album title, and with that, she has fired up the networks. Most people loved it for being "something not ever used before" but some users even have called her "prostitute", and we are just bringing here the softest word. "It's a shame we still have to hear these kind of things nowadays. But prostitute in particular it's not an insult, so it doesn't even bother me. If they want to hurt me with that one, they should try way harder. Most people who use that word to offend don't even know what's behind that hidden world. One of the songs on the album ("Into My Bed") is about prostitution, and it's deeper than you would expect". She said to Billboard. On the album title, she said: "It's not about controversy. Some people's campaign about my album is controversial, but not me for putting that title on MY album. It's ok if you think you won't like it, don't buy it then. But don't judge an album for its cover. Wait for what's inside. You know what? Desire, pleasure and love is part of us. We as human beings can think about that. Only we can. It define us. So people going against this is not embracing themselves, and it's just sad. This album is about embracing what we are just made of. If we spend most of the day thinking about that special encounter, why is it forbidden to talk about it since it move us?" "Violated" is about how Ford felt violated in the past in the music industry: "I felt like I wasn't being taken seriously". On "Who I Am" she sings "I've tried so hard to be who you want me to be. I've tried so hard to love men, but this is not who I am". She took inspiration for some gay friend who struggled to be accepted: "I tried my hardest to convey what my friend was feeling at the time. And I think I managed pretty well". "Deep Down The Well" talks about Ford's depression way back in time, because of an abusive relationship. But the album also has its heartfelt moments: "Angel on Earth" is about Ford's 2 year old son: "It such a sweet love song. It's the heart of the record". Willa Ford is sure bringing a very unique and genuine effort this time around. And we do agree, "don't judge a book (album) by its cover". Not that there's something wrong with the cover either, to be honest. "Cry" is already out. You can stream it on Encore and watch the music video on CALtube.
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    @Maria That Xtina booklet is amazing! congrats!
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    WILLA FORD AND BRITNEY SPEARS IN GOOD TERMS NOWADAYS AFTER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE PAST Billboard.com New York City "I Wanna Be Bad" singer Willa Ford and Britney Spears seem to have a great relationship now that Willa Ford returned to music industry again. They have seen each other recently. Through a Willa twitter post, she said Britney followed her back, and she asked for understanding, since some haters have been insulting her because of what they had in the past. Willa was pretty vocal in 2001 about Britney, saying she couldn't sing and wasn't barely involved in her music career, unlike Willa herself (she wrote most songs on her debut album and was one of the executive producers too). Her attitude was praised by many who said she was very honest and sincere, but she also gained a very large community of haters and anti-Willa sites (this mostly due because of her dating Backstreet Boy member, Nick Carter way back in 1997-2000). She even mentioned Britney on one of her songs from her debut album "Willa Was Here", called "Tired", where she mentioned things like: "Tired of the blondes that look like me, Tired of the people sayin' Britney". Willa recently said about this: "It was not about having anything against her. I was just molested because press was constantly comparing me to her, and that's why I guess I was so rude to her when she didn't even had anything to do with that. I mean, come on, she is iconic. I was just 20 years old, I have changed a lot" Britney and Willa way back in 2001. Ford's tweet and Britney following her back should stop the hate between fans, hopefully. We are not in 2001 anymore and they both have grown. Let's take some notes from them too. Willa Ford recently released her new single and music video for "Cry", first single of her upcoming album. She will be appearing performing on "Dancing With The Stars" this Tuesday, in which she participated in 2006 as a contestant and we will also be seeing her on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this Thursday.
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    Wrong post
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    I don't know if you know this girl. She ended up being the runner-up in 2000's Eurovision with the song "Solo". Then she released a couple more english singles and her international debut album. In 2004 she was supposed to come big for UK, but it never happened. The album "Inspired" never got released, though it was leaked by her in 2013 (I do have it). You might remember "Always on my Mind": Now she's back with her first english single in 14 years. "Love U Back" was released in June, just discovered it. It is more of a dance track, the chorus is catchy though a bit uninspired (yeah, that was intended). The verses and the tropical sound are pretty good though. And she looks gorgeous.