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  1. Lol at Britney winning this last couple rounds. Impossible it's SO superior as a song I can't even. Anyway, Back in the Day for this one, better production and it's not a cover, which it's decent as one, but obviously worse than the original. Still will win, apparently, lol.
  2. 8 Accelerate it's a fucking 10, what are you thinking? it was way ahead of its time so you were obviously not prepared for it. I hope you all don't cry in 10 years time seeing how you underappreciated this gem, sisters.
  3. Impossible. Couldn't vote the last round, but I would have vote for I Will Be There so, glad it won.
  4. Oh Mother it's clearly way superior, lol at the other one, it's awful to be honest.
  5. they are so different, lol, I like both but Sine from above I think.
  6. That’s Where You Take Me I like both but it's going to win anyway.
  7. Yay Of course we want an album cover one, sis
  8. Lotus Intro. Even as an intro it's more of a song that the other one
  9. Needed Me though I'm not a fan, the other one it's too basic.
  10. I really like both but they are so different, lol. I guess Breathe it's the better song. I love Colbie.