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  1. i loved this song so much after be my baby and best mistake in her my everything album.
  2. rosie


    I became a certified stan after this era. I replayed her album so many times.
  3. rosie


    be my baby is one of my fave bsides from her. to this day i wish it was a single
  4. rosie


    yes, i can see her carrying their legacy.
  5. I hope the collab is next aswell.
  6. Awwe, two cuties supporting each other.
  7. rosie


    I hope so, but I don't see it happening.
  8. rosie


    The wait was worth it. Motivation is such a good song. I hope this becomes a hit.
  9. rosie


    Music of the sun -willing to wait - if it's loving that you want - pon de replay A girl like me - SOS - Unfaithful -Final Goodbye Good girl gone bad -umbrella - don't stop the music - Hate that I love you Rated R -hard -russian roulette -rude boy Loud - what's my name - california king bed - s&m Talk that talk - we found love - where have u been -fool in love Unapolegetic - diamonds - nobody's business -pour it up Anti -love on the brain -kiss it better -consideration
  10. rosie


    I whole heartedly agree. Also kiss it better and Consideration always gets me in a mood
  11. I'm late, but congrats to the queen.
  12. rosie


    I'm praying that this happens.
  13. rosie


    Her Dream girls character, Deena Jones, was honestly a perfect role for her. I used to play the movie on dvd so many times until I lost it when it was first released. I also would sing listen on repeat aswell. So yes I love it.
  14. rosie


    I can't wait.