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  1. rosie


    I wasn't really feeling this song after the first listen, but I kind of like it now. Is he releasing an album this year or 2020?
  2. rosie


    I see, well I'm excited to see what she releases next. Do you know if she's promoting this single, or is it more of a buzz single?
  3. rosie


    I like the song. I hope she does a ballad in M7 though.
  4. rosie

    Message in a bottle by Nicholas Sparks
  5. rosie


    Films of theirs that I love is To all the boys I've loved before, Someone Great, Okja, and Always be my Maybe. Except for Okja the rest are romantic comedies. I honestly prefer Netflix shows though.
  6. rosie


    Here's twice saving Halloween
  7. rosie


    This performance always makes me cry.
  8. I'm honestly thinking of buying this.
  9. rosie


    Does anyone here like the artist Gen Hoshino?
  10. rosie


    I'm excited.
  11. Albums 1. Beyonce- Beyonce 2. Rihanna- Rated R 3. Katy Perry-Teenage Dream 4. Ariana Grande-Sweetner 5. Mariah Carey-Butterfly Songs 1. Rihanna- Kiss it better 2. Lizzo- Juice 3. Beyonce- Best thing I never had 4. Blackpink- Dudududu 5. Ariana Grande- R. E. M.