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  1. I would like for them to do a promoting duet or even a whole album together. So yes I'm here for it.
  2. There's not much choreo in her vma performance, but this was always one of my faves from her.
  3. No tears left to cry for better song, but I prefer one last time's music video. ntltc's music video creeps me out and I love one last time's asethetic.
  4. I honestly don't think so, but I also hope I'm wrong and she releases it.
  5. I wasn't really feeling this song after the first listen, but I kind of like it now. Is he releasing an album this year or 2020?
  6. I see, well I'm excited to see what she releases next. Do you know if she's promoting this single, or is it more of a buzz single?
  7. I like the song. I hope she does a ballad in M7 though.
  8. Yes the queen of Christmas will be breaking records once again.
  9. I agree with the tik tok part, if they promote it there, a lot of kids would stream just for being on there. That would be a great marketing tactic.
  10. It aged very well for me. I keep the album on repeat from time to time and it feels fresh.