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  1. rosie

    I like this round idea.
  2. rosie

    I'm late, but wow I'm surprised I got in the top 3 again. I thought my song choices were rushed and terrible. thank you judges.
  3. rosie

    This sounds fun and I even have a vision.
  4. rosie

    I am so grateful, thank you so much judges
  5. rosie

    I think I made a mistake for my trinity, and didn't fully understand this round.
  6. rosie

    I have sent mine in, I hope I'm not too late.
  7. rosie

    i think i'm in the flop trinity
  8. rosie

    I wasn't really expecting nice comments for mine
  9. rosie

    im here and ready
  10. rosie

    sounds good for me.
  11. I would like for them to do a promoting duet or even a whole album together. So yes I'm here for it.