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    I got a notification with this tweet on my phone and I thought it was the real Taylor
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    Devil In Paradise is fucking iconic and I won't take any other opinions. Trouble level quality.
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    I have no clue what impact this has but CL commented on Halsey's Connect pic as seen here:
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    @Ronlop I really want to do metacritic but I'm not going to have time until like... Wednesday? Would that still be okay?
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    and to give credit: @Beauty Queen for the graphic again XO here's the instrumental I used:
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    CL's Showstopping "By My Side" Performance on SMAPxSMAP Leaves Audience Breathless CL's first ever television appearance was an explosive performance on Japan's SMAPxSMAP, a popular primetime variety show. CL's main performance talent lies in her incredible stage presence and energy. Despite her status as a new face to the vast majority of the Japanese audience, she was able to blow them away like the professional that she is. Her performance translated to the screen, too, as she played up to the camera with her expressions and gestures. Overall, the audience was enthralled by CL's sing-rap combination and her unique energy on stage, along with the general swagger she always carries with her. CL started the performance by facing away from the audience during the intro music, then dramatically turning when the beat comes in. She slowly catwalked to the front of the stage during the first verse. When the rap section begins, CL broke her model-like preparedness to show off her own freestyling moves and control the stage with ease. As the first chorus came in, the stage flooded with blue light, similar to the music video look. CL's movements were slow and flowed together, matching the pulled-back instrumentation. When the first beat drop hit, CL showed off a lightly choreographed dance routine to go along with it. As the second rap verse came around, CL really started to let her authentic talent shine through. Perfectly hitting every syllable, CL hyped the crowd up with her gestures and yelling "Let's go!" with contagious energy. The second rap verse, being a more emotional moment, had CL standing still and emphasizing her head notes and emotion with her facial expressions. Two backing dancers ran out to join CL when the second chorus came, the same two featured in the By My Side official music video. They performed choreography in perfect synchronization. They continued to dance together through the second breakdown until the bridge. As the song slowed at the bridge, CL stepped away from the three-person formation to the front of the stage, her hair blowing in the wind as she smiled at the crowd. This instrumental section was extended so that CL could ask: "東京!お元気ですか?” (Tokyo! How are you doing?) and yell "Let's go!" CL swayed her hips in rhythm with the bridge and prepared for the final chorus. She matched her adlibs from the studio recording and performed choreography with her dancers as confetti shot and rained down, as seen in the picture above. For the final section of the song that repeats the second prechorus, CL again broke formation and jumped to the front of the stage, smiling and waving at the audience as she ran the length of the stage, really engaging the whole crowd. CL's final, triumphant pose had her holding her microphone in the air with a fist pump as confetti permeated the air and she smiled brightly. She brought the microphone back down to say, "ありがとうございました 東京!" (Thank you Tokyo!) before leaving the stage and her first television performance.
  7. jaxswim

    CL Performs Acoustic Arrangement of "By My Side" on BBC Radio 2 CL's first UK radio appearance took place this morning on BBC Radio 2, a very popular radio station with over 15 million weekly listeners. She performed a stripped-down version of "By My Side" to introduce the British audience to her new single, featuring acoustic guitar, drums, and her voice, but nothing else. She did a great job for her first promotional performance, showing off her colorful voice and excellent technique with flawless execution. While the song is not especially vocally demanding, CL still was able to show off her unique style and appeal. After the performance, she joined the radio hosts for a brief interview. I: Wow! What a performance. Once again, that was CL singing By My Side, and we have her for just a moment now. C: Thank you, thank you, hello! That was fun! I don't know if you know, but that was actually my first time performing "By My Side" live, so that was kind of a big moment for me. I: That's crazy - we couldn't tell. C: It's true! First of many, I'm hoping. Actually, I've got to be in Japan later for the second performance of it, so the whole... promo wheel's kind of spinning now. I: I can't wait to hear it again! So I've got a question, because I was just wondering - with your old songs, you know, Hello Bitches and Lifted, they're really rap and urban-oriented. By My Side is a really different sound from that. Are you pop now? Are you still a rapper at heart? What's kind of the situation with that? C: I'm still a rapper. There's rapping in By My Side! But I've been playing with pop sounds for years now - it's just now that people get to hear it. At my soul, though, I think I'll always be a rapper. There's always some... flow to what I do. And just yesterday, I laid down a straight rap song for my album. So there's both sides kind of going on. I: Now, we saw that you have a Connect profile, and you posted a picture yesterday. There was a little exchange between you and Halsey on there, huh? C: Ah, yes. (laughs) I: So what's happening there? How do you know Halsey? C: (coyly) We're friends. She's a dope girl. And that is all I'm going to say on that. I: Ahh, you're a tough one to crack. Real quick before you go, CL, did you have anything else to say? C: Watch the By My Side video on CALTube now! Follow me on Connect! Love you! (blows kiss) I: Awesome, thank you so much CL. Such a great song, I really think it's going to be a hit.
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    CL Singles - $27,177 Albums - $0 Campaigns - $0 Total: $27,177
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    ho ho ho, you think that im a little bo o bo
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    The font. The balloon. The nipples. The wearing on the borders.