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  1. jaxswim

    I was on a plane but at least I can clutch 4 hours of black friday sales?
  2. jaxswim

    Singles- $73,482 Albums- $0 Campaigns- $0 Total: $73,482 (this is just week 2 so hopefully we aren't meant to combine week 1/week 2?)
  3. jaxswim

    CL will return to promotion soon, she's been busy getting new boobs. You girls better watch out
  4. jaxswim

    I'm on Chrome, my scroll works, but I can't comment ;( (on Connect)
  5. jaxswim

    I got a notification with this tweet on my phone and I thought it was the real Taylor
  6. jaxswim


    Devil In Paradise is fucking iconic and I won't take any other opinions. Trouble level quality.
  7. jaxswim

    I have no clue what impact this has but CL commented on Halsey's Connect pic as seen here:
  8. jaxswim

    @Ronlop I really want to do metacritic but I'm not going to have time until like... Wednesday? Would that still be okay?
  9. jaxswim

    and to give credit: @Beauty Queen for the graphic again XO here's the instrumental I used: