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  1. LiberatedWarrior

    My Canadian bff says its smashing on the radio there, Miss Gaga needs to put on a live stream concert from her home or some shit since we can’t have televised promo performances for a while 💀 what a fucking time to start an era, huh? I mean idk how good tv promo does these days anyway, Kesha did a lot and she flopped (not shading my fave here)
  2. Do I still get to see kesha in May tho.... I’ve been wanting to die lately anyways
  3. LiberatedWarrior


    I feel like 80s inspired synth pop has been a thing for 4-5 years now, and it’s definitely something Gaga has had elements of before, but I’d enjoy a LOT more disco!!!
  4. .....Maybe I should buy those June tickets then 😳
  5. LiberatedWarrior


    I agree with H2BH, it was unexpected and felt generic at points, but ultimately consistent and P!nk is just simply a great artist + vocalist, and once again it shows! (Btw no shade to Miranda I just didn’t listen yet)
  6. I’m really loving their new sound, so I’m very excited for more of the similar! I never listened to their prior albums bc I’m simply 90% of the time not a ballad album guy. I’m glad HDYS and DWAS were cute lil hits!
  7. LiberatedWarrior

    Every hit by Britney tbh
  8. I mean.... Kesha in 2010, anyone? Especially if you wanna consider that Kesha, Gaga and Billie both had A debut album and an EP, albeit Billie did this in reverse and she has Grammy acclaim.
  9. LiberatedWarrior


    HALSEY OH MY GOD!!! Diamonds needs to fckin smash
  10. LiberatedWarrior


    With all those TFM singles, wouldn’t she end up kinda overexposed? I heavily agree with the Joanne singles tho, Diamond Heart was a missed opportunity.
  11. LiberatedWarrior


    Who was leaking these?
  12. LiberatedWarrior


    I better see some collabs with women like she was tweeting about..... I have to go to the tour this time around
  13. LiberatedWarrior


    I love her voice so I’m really excited for this 💗💗💗
  14. LiberatedWarrior


    This grew on me so hard, I’m reeling. A banger, a classic, sweep the CMAs, etc
  15. LiberatedWarrior


    2011 was when I really started listening to the top 40 radio. I have huge rose colored, nostalgia fueled lenses for that era but truthfully it felt like all the pop girls were out! All the pop girls of my time were releasing! Britney was back, my #1 fave Katy was soaring, Christina was on, Gaga and Rihanna and P!nk and Kesha and even Beyoncé (everyone said 4 was a flop lmao) was grabbing attention!!!!