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  1. Just wanna say I love your icon, ive been watching the 90s cartoon + original live action movies and I stan him so hard! 

    1. Tama


      Thank you. I would say that Hollywood has yet to make a truly perfect Superman movie (the closest we got was the OG movie, and maybe the cartoon series) but hey, always have hope!

  2. I’ve been thinking of trying to make a twitter thread promoting her because she released pop gems AND tumblr era esque gems, but..... Saturday Night was one of the ten songs to define my decade tbh, what a moment!!!!!!
  3. LMAO oh I didn't check her social media for so long and didn't see anything from Spotify i thought she left the music industry fdsdjss
  4. Guys where did she go...I'm genuinely scared
  5. That’s beautiful tho 🥺 I’m surprised I haven’t thought up a Paramore tattoo yet, maybe from 26 or Now?
  6. I really enjoyed her AMAs performance! Kept my attention/memory without being too overbearing. I stanned a bit back in her tumblr princess days (2015-2016) and i might get back into her after that! She just really snaps with her visuals it’s so enjoyable.
  7. I can never get enough of them, my fave band of all time
  8. All this. FUCK Dr. Puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And from Rainbow, Let Em Talk 🥺
  9. I’m a casual fan at most and I adore it wtf.... THAT is an iconic album track!!!!!
  10. My friend who doesn’t even stan was singing that song with me, her IMPACT!
  11. I know I’m really late but does anyone know the Benny tea? Like that tweet she deleted?
  12. When I first heard vroom vroom at age 15 i was like.. this is the worst thing I’ve ever heard LMAO. Now I see it as the classic it is. I’m bopping to Secret rn!
  13. TEA!!!!!!!! Idk if this thread's technically dead but I wanted to hop in here and mention that Just Like A Pill has been my depression anthem since I was literally 5