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  1. LiberatedWarrior


    I wish this song was doing more. She’s given great live performances and a fun music video wtf 😔
  2. LiberatedWarrior


    128 hours of Britney.... I think I see who should be my avatar now 😳
  3. LiberatedWarrior


    I’m listening to Aphrodite rn She’s cute!
  4. LiberatedWarrior


    NNDJXHCJ Yeah sis I’m 19 I was bopping to these songs (loud teenage dream and animal+cannibal mostly) age 9-12
  5. LiberatedWarrior


    Omg yeah I was thinking since Jordan was such a huge influence that contributes to her kinda glossing over it, which hurts (more so that she ever did hurt) This is a really great reply
  6. LiberatedWarrior


    I agree on this too I enjoyed Liberation + Bionic but the tracklists were all over the place imo 😳 (I’m not shading Stripped it’s just been a hot second, its kinda an intense album for me too 🥺)
  7. LiberatedWarrior


    I mean I definitely do the same! She hits every mark on it imo 💗 I just don’t see much discussion about it leaning towards either way so I wanted to hear what y’all think!
  8. LiberatedWarrior


    Aw omg I’m glad to hear it!!!! Time to revisit some childhood classics
  9. LiberatedWarrior

    She has a lot of nostalgic value for me, but I haven’t listened to most of her albums in full. I almost went to a concert of hers with my best friend but I was too anxious about the plane tickets nnnnn. What did you think of Rock n Roll?
  10. LiberatedWarrior

    Is miss Billie really pop though? Like pop’s been redefined a lot and she’s def slaying the top 40, but.... if Charli counts (bc her first album + stuff really coming out this decade) then her, absolutely. She dragged me back by the scalp. I’m also checking out Dua and Normani. Also, stan Ah Mer Ah Su!!!!!
  11. LiberatedWarrior


    Lord I have NOT been the same since hearing this song for the first time at age 13!
  12. LiberatedWarrior


    I’m sorry I missed it! I got sick as hell the past few days and it made me lazy
  13. LiberatedWarrior


    It really feels so, even with the stans? Despite being her last era with solo top 10’s and having a huge tour, I just never really hear about it, like... Self titled was her iconic debut, Stripped was her creative transformation, Bionic’s an infamous and often said underrated underperformance, Lotus was..... , and Liberation was her artistic comeback. But how do we define B2B? Do you think it was overshadowed? Did the lengthy track list have something to do with the longevity? Sorry if this threads been made before I really didn’t look, be nice to me
  14. LiberatedWarrior


    the amounT of potential singles this album had... she really came back to form and revealed her passion and it showed!!!! I just try to respect her choices and I’m glad she’s enjoying all the concerts but nnnnnnn
  15. LiberatedWarrior


    That’s beautiful tho 🥺 I’m surprised I haven’t thought up a Paramore tattoo yet, maybe from 26 or Now?