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    HALSEY OH MY GOD!!! Diamonds needs to fckin smash
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    With all those TFM singles, wouldn’t she end up kinda overexposed? I heavily agree with the Joanne singles tho, Diamond Heart was a missed opportunity.
  3. LiberatedWarrior


    Who was leaking these?
  4. LiberatedWarrior


    I better see some collabs with women like she was tweeting about..... I have to go to the tour this time around
  5. LiberatedWarrior


    I love her voice so I’m really excited for this 💗💗💗
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    This grew on me so hard, I’m reeling. A banger, a classic, sweep the CMAs, etc
  7. LiberatedWarrior


    2011 was when I really started listening to the top 40 radio. I have huge rose colored, nostalgia fueled lenses for that era but truthfully it felt like all the pop girls were out! All the pop girls of my time were releasing! Britney was back, my #1 fave Katy was soaring, Christina was on, Gaga and Rihanna and P!nk and Kesha and even Beyoncé (everyone said 4 was a flop lmao) was grabbing attention!!!!
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    How I Roll by Ms. Britney
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    Sign me up!
  10. YLIMD was ROBBED!!! Also old news but Glam was NOT better than Monday Morning, smh
  11. Damn I thought teenage dream would be top 3 with how much us gays praise it. finally here btw, i was coming out to my godfather and eating Japanese food
  12. LiberatedWarrior

    Slayyyter is here for us sis
  13. LiberatedWarrior

    Sis what? I honestly don’t hear influences of hers in the last 3
  14. LiberatedWarrior


    I’m gonna say yeah!!
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    I wasn’t expecting her bare cheeks for some reason 💀💀💀💀💀💀 Still not as bad as the reveal that ended in some old lady dying. Imagine being that kid
  16. Top me but honestly I thought that song from the Spotify sessions was him coming out as bi/into men???? Did he not say at some point that the Larry Stylinson people made it harder for him or smth I don’t care that much
  17. I am deleting my account I forgot how to reply to multiple posts in one post, king of technology, but I'm pressed at the Kesha lashings and the Xtina ballads being out so soon! I didn't know LTWYLP2 was so hated so that perks me up a bit.
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  19. I just have one more album to rate omg sorry I wanted to listen to all the new ones in full......well that didn’t happen
  20. LiberatedWarrior

    I feel like they already did
  21. LiberatedWarrior

    i disagree but this reply is cute!!
  22. YAS!!!!! I for one am excited to hear her collab with the guy from The Beach Boys AND Wrabel!!!!!!! iconique!!!!
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    I didn’t hear half of it before, just all the official singles except Cha Ching
  24. LiberatedWarrior

    Music Video

    It took a while to grow on me, but I think it’s first big moment was “don’t circumcise my circumstance”..... I was like yep! this is a Kesha song I think I like Raising Hell more but I’m just happy to get more of her music lol.