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  1. Hey Queens, do you have any suggestions about remedies for an itchy throat? I think it's because of the air conditioner in the office.

     I've had this for almost a month and it's starting to get annoying.

    I've tried everything from Cetirizine (the company physician told me to take it twice  day and it made me too sleepy to work) to Benadryl and Lozenges. 

    Any suggestions?



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    2. All The Lovers

      All The Lovers

      Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try it. 

      To be honest, the situation is really triggering my GAD and Hypochondria. 

    3. Chris


      Hope you're ok soon hug1


    4. All The Lovers

      All The Lovers

      @Chris Morlock Thanks. And I hope I'll be okay soon. 

      I just tried Bactidol (Hexetidine) and despite the taste bebe1it's somehow working a bit. I guess it's just my general anxiety disorder acting up again.