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  1. Okay, and? How does that void my opinion? You're not the one to validate whether I'm right or wrong sweetie.
  2. Austin!

    What's happening to her? She's been sending mixed and worrying signals.
  3. Yep. I'm really close into putting Dua on my stan badges. She improved so much artistically and I'm here for it.
  4. Austin!

    Taylor was telling the truth all along and at the very least, instead of using this issue to mock Kim she encouraged everyone to donate during this pandemic. That self absorbed woman had always been annoying. She just turned it up to 1000% when the video leaked. As for Demi well...
  5. Austin!


    Yas. We love this color she can also add full fringe bangs again because it looks great on her. Plus her pony tail is starting to bore me to eternity. But props to her for giving us Lotus teas with the purple red ombre.
  6. Austin!


    Maybe she should go back to her black hair days then.
  7. Ray of Light or Beautiful
  8. Austin!


    Why? I think it looks great.
  9. Austin!


    She debuted at 134. I--- GP are such clowns to not stan this talented woman.
  10. Sometimes, I wish she'd go full on bitch mode and just drag the asses of those haters but then, she'll be called out about her mental health...again.
  11. Austin!


    With air contaminated with different bacteria? Yes please.
  12. I did love Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl so anything in that vein is a gay man's dream as well.
  13. Never really listened to either of them but I think both are trash.
  14. I love watching Boys Love shows. The gayer, the better.