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  1. BlancLover

  2. When you're going up against the streaming whisper queens of today, nothing can do well especially when you're in your twentieth year. Gosh I miss the days when girls (like Britney and Christina) had actual stage presence and talent.
  3. BlancLover

    Still nope.
  4. Again. Who? I've never even heard of that name before.
  5. Uhhh.....I don't know who this woman or clone is....
  6. Xtina could care less about going number one at this point in her career. She's been there done that. She's just now sitting on her thrown, seeing lesser bitches fight to stay on the charts while sipping champagne. And If anything she schooled all the new females (Whisper Gomeezzz for one ) who performed last night with her delivery.
  7. BlancLover

    This woman makes it hard for me to like her songs. She's lazy. If she really wants to be a singer, she should at least get a proper vocal (or whisper) coach before embarrassing herself like this.
  8. BlancLover

    That Kanye album.
  9. BlancLover


    This Just In: Former KARA member, Goo Hara was found dead at her home. Man, what's happening in the world. I send my prayers and condolences to her family and her friends.
  10. BlancLover

    Whut? Receipt please.
  11. The point is no one has the right to do this to any artist. Also, if you think Taylor was the aggressor in this situation then that's insane, it's actually good that she bought it to light so that other artists would know. Also, that Cuntye West thing? Didn't he start that in 2008 though? He was the one who made it worse and Taylor just ended him...thankfully. No one wants a piece of crap like Cuntye.
  12. Kind of like Madonna who starts her shows two hours after the doors opened? Class.
  13. What if this happened to Arianna? Y'all would want to rip his neck off. But since it's Taylor, y'all are happy about it.
  14. BlancLover

    Sorry but Mulan, Ariel and Rapunzel shits on these two when it comes to singing. Frozen is way too overrated to be honest.
  15. I love her show so much. Glad she's doing well.