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  1. BlancLover

    I agree with this.
  2. BlancLover

    Are you on crack boo-boo? I love Lover but comparing it to Stripped is just A No No.mp3
  3. As much as I love k-pop, this is just way too manufactured.
  4. BlancLover

  5. What the heck is a LOONA? A new brand of toilet cleaner?
  6. I spy with my little eye: a trashy vanilla singer who'll fade into oblivion in a snap.
  7. Shawn Mendes and Camel Toe are good together. Two racists who are in a gross PR relationship just to get a hit song.
  8. i loved the outfit too but the top knot bun has to go. Maybe she should've done a looser bun that sort of framed her face. Maybe she's trying to tease Mr. Downey. Yes, I would say that a Disney Legend Award is much better than a grammy because X started her career in Disney and it's a look back and a reflection (pun intended) of her legendary career. And who knows, she might voice a new disney princess along the line. Or maybe even a modern day sound of music because Carrie Underwood's take was just
  9. Yet, there's no Reflection 2019 version for the live action movie of Mulan. Disney is being as Lazy as Xtina.
  10. BlancLover

    Hillary, ha impact. What a legendary Kween, #StreamOneInAMillion
  11. Whatever happened to Christina's debut album re-release. This woman's really trying her fans. Where are the other songs and remixes she promised?

    1. ajp

      It’s just a Webstore release wendy3


    2. BlancLover

      59 minutes ago, ajp said:

      It’s just a Webstore release wendy3


      Not even putting it up on Youtube and Spotify. What a lazy kween. xtina5

  12. BlancLover

    Basic bitches will never be able to relate to Kween Agu.
  13. I think @HninSi is being sarcastic.
  14. Comparing Mariah to a tone deaf wannabe? Really?