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  1. If he uses his new found platform to help educate homophobes, then it's all good.
  2. BlancLover

    Aren't we surprised that it's always the most down voted user to defend Madge's lateness?
  3. BlancLover

    Fifteen to thirty minutes or even an hour if there was a mishap that are out of the artists hands will be acceptable but two hours? That's just tasteless and show how much she doesn't give a flying fuck about her paying fans anymore.
  4. The sad part is that Jordan Steffy (the one being bullied has been suspended because of defending himself) and his mom pulled him out of school and just do a Home Study program. See the his tweet below. WTF! The homphobia is real. I'm not okay with this. He was the one being harrassed yet he's the one who got suspended.
  5. This is the full vid! Kween was having none of it!
  6. I'm not one to promote violence because it's not cool but damn Kween, what a badass bitch move!
  7. BlancLover

    I can't wait for her I'm a Dirrty Slave 4 U era. Kween Celine coming to slay lesser bitches of the streaming era.
  8. M & M is just a sexist prick who likes feuding with women who can outclass the living shit out of him. Can he just fade into ether just like his shitty rap albums?
  9. BlancLover

    What would you choose as a single then? Sick of Sittin? Maria?
  10. BlancLover

    releasing fall in line with poot didn't help ha either. I really wished the lead was Unless It's With You followed by Deserve and then, Masochist.
  11. BlancLover

    She's too much of a Christina wannabe but I do like some of her songs. Out of all the Disney girls, she has the strongest voice and wrote better ballads than Hannah Bonanza.
  12. I love the song but the video is just....although there are some cut scenes that looked vulnerable and beautiful. This is the most emotional song I've heard from her. Her next album will probably an emotional album too. IMO, Revival has a lot of bops but lacked the emotion.
  13. BlancLover

    Uhhh...this is....
  14. BlancLover


    I just think the whole production is annoying. Besides, she already had fighter and it seemed unnecessary to add Makeover.
  15. BlancLover


    People hating on Soar and Keep on Singing My Song when the ever annoying Makeover is a travesty.