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  1. BlancMac

    This is the main reason why I think artists-not just Britney-should take well deserved breaks. I mean, to just live life as normally as they could without being swarmed by the paparazzi or mobbing fans. As for the FreeBritney campaign, well, it's still Britney's decision (?) if she wants to stay, right? My question is this, now that her father's ailing, then who's her conservator? Her mom?
  2. BlancMac

    I honestly expected it to sound darker...moodier. Like an Erotica 2.0 but I was very wrong. It was a good song but I can't pin point what I don't like about it. Also the auto tune is a no no.mp3
  3. Britney did have potential, I mean, she sang in a soulful way back then.(I think it was in star search) She's been just fucked up by her record label, making her sing in a baby doll voice and it was not her fault. I think she's leaning heavily on that type of singing because she's probably afraid to go to a place where she can really push for her real voice and to say that she's doesn't have any talent is a reach because she still has her talent. Christina without a doubt is the best singer of the four and I do agree that her re-inventions were too rapid but I am happy with the way she reivented her sound for the Stripped era because I can tell that her debut didn't satisfy her. I would've loved it if she released to another album along the veins of Back to Basics in 2008 and then, do BIONIC in 2011. Her popularity suffered because she took to many long ass breaks but I won't hold that against her anymore because I don't want to burn her out because the music industry, from what I can tell can be a toxic place and if she needs to take a breather and live life normally, then that's alright. I added Mandy and Jessica because they came out in the same year and the four of them were constantly being huddled together as teen pop rivals with only two real winners.
  4. These late nineties queens were all the rage back then, the driving forces so to speak. Only two managed to stay in the music scene but they made name for themselves in different fields. Britney Spears Without a doubt, the most successful of the four, her debut album sold a whopping thirty million copies and shaped pop in general. Britney helped redefine pop into what it is today. - Has the best team working for her - Had the best age appropriate songs for her first three albums - Won a Grammy for Toxic - Regarded as the Ultimate Pop Princess - A successful perfume and lingerie line under her belt. - Helped in shaping Las Vegas residencies what it is today - One of the best Vegas residencies in recent memory - Has one movie under her belt. Christina Aguilera A shape shifter…a chameleon who hops from genre to genre, a woman who creates her own world in her eras and is well known to change up her sounds. A dynamite singer who never cease to deliver her creativity and vocals. - Dubbed as “The Voice of a Generation” - Known for her powerhouse vocals - Won five Grammy Awards and one Latin Grammy - Also has a well known perfume line - A known fighter gender equality and LGBTQ rights - Her debut album sold fourteen million copies world wide - Her second album helped in shaping newer female artists who cited her as their inspiration. - Has one movie under her belt. (Only counting Burlesque because that's the only movie that she is the lead) Mandy Moore Her music career was stagnant from the get go but she did score cute little hits outside the US, particularly in the Philippines back in 2001, 2002 and 2003. She’s more known as a romantic comedy actress who barely gets any great movies but was persistent to find her footing as an actress which she did in 2016 with a runaway hit, “This Is Us”. - Has twenty six (?) movies under her belt - Became a Disney Princess in 2010 and is still one to this day - Has sold more than ten million albums world wide. - Has one Golden Globe Nomination for her work on the hit show “This Is US” - Has scored two wins with her cast-mates at the Screen Actors Guild Award for an Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble. - Won a Song of the Year award in the Myx Philippines award for her song Cry in 2002. - Recently received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Jessica Simpson She’s probably the richest of the four, I guess. But that’s just about it. - A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reject who couldn’t seem to break free from the other three’s shadows - Has a forgettable movie career. - Cemented her intelligence with her Tuna or chicken debacle. - She recorded and very interesting version of “Take my Bread Away.” - The sister of Ashlee Simpson
  5. BlancMac

    He and his music negates fun. He's just too bland and very Ed Sheeran meets Hannah Montana with his song writing. And his opinion about certain topics makes me not want to even try to listen to his songs. He'll probably fade like Sam Smith did in a year or two.
  6. This has been bugging ever since I saw this. I'm high key mad that she didn't include this song on Lotus and that she just let Casadee Pope have it. I think this goes well with the whole arena pop vibe within most songs in Lotus. (Around The World, Best of Me, Cease Fire, Empty Words, Sing For Me, Light Up The Sky.) As far as We Remain goes, I feel like it was supposed to be part of Lotus??? I mean, the whole vibe of the song fits too well with ha album.
  7. BlancMac

    I was waiting for the hippo joke. You made my day.
  8. BlancMac

    If that sex tape wasn't made, everything would be much peaceful today (media wise) and we won't have to hear anyone complaining about how annoying Kim and her family is and their equally annoying first world problems about throwing parties, terribly scripted fights, horrible slangs and contract marriages. They are the reason why I stay out of the E! network and just ultimately mute anyone on social media who talks about them.
  9. BlancMac

    @RED ANGELO have you been drinking again? Also, what's the purpose of you dragging Britney and Xtina?
  10. These are my forever faves, i hope you find one that you'll like.
  11. Might Just Die is also my fave but can't seem to focus on the other members because of Kyungil. I practically raped the replay button just to keep on seeing those absssss..... . I low key love Queen too. For me I started following History with Psycho, Too bad they disbanded. But I heard Yijeong produced songs for BTS though
  12. OMG finally someone mentioned my fave.
  13. BlancMac

    Since he started stanning Xtina.
  14. BlancMac

    Lil Kim found sipping champagne as she caresses the arm rest of ha big ass throne.
  15. BlancMac

    I agree, ignorance is bliss for some members in this forum. They act all high and mighty because they stan people from the west and they are seemingly racist when it comes to Asian artists.