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    Here's mine: Title: Birds of Prey Genre: Electro Pop, New Wave, Pop Track List: 1. Birds of Prey 2. Stronger Than Ever 3. You Are What You Are 3. Genie 2.0 4. Elastic Love 5. Monday Morning 6. My Girls 7. Dynamite 8. Keeps Gettin' Better 9. Little Dreamer 10. All I Need 11. You Lost Me 12. Say Something 13. I Am (Stripped)
  2. Let's play a game. Using songs in Christina's Discography, create you own fantasy album.
  3. BlancMac

    Well, he is special.
  4. BlancMac

    @The One Beyond All
  5. BlancMac

    The Undisputed Kween of Down Votes is back to bless us with ha special opinions.
  6. BlancMac

    Honestly, this album is ahead of it's time, as expected from Madge. Madame X is up there with Erotica because of the experimental sound. I actually like it better than Rebel Heart.
  7. BlancMac


    This is true. Also, I think that Christina is not playing the fame game anymore and that she's done reaching for number 1's or having hit records. All she cares about these days is her family, her music, her creativity and us, her fans. In away it's liberating to know that she's not chasing charts and chasing numbers anymore because she's got nothing to prove because she's done it. And judging from her interviews she seems to have gotten more authentic and real as she aged. I guess all the shit she went through in her personal life and her career back in 2010 humbled her down.
  8. BlancMac


    If it's 6k people, I don't think she'll cancel, hell she performed at the Pepsi Center with 20k seating capacity and only 4k tickets sold so I'm guessing she'll perform even if isn't a sell out so let's keep our hopes up. The worst thing is she gets the flu, then we'll see another Canada and Detroit 2.0 but at least it won't be the Stripped Tour 2.0
  9. BlancMac

    Is he seeing things again because of drugs? Man, fame really fucked this guy's common sense up.
  10. BlancMac

    Elton John... Just Kidding...my bets would be Cher and Diana Ross.
  11. Uh, WIth Xtina dodging notes, I think it's quite okay because she's performing multiple days and still has to tour Europe so it's probably best that she's not pushing her voice that much to preserve it. In one of her interviews after performing two shows ( I think) her voice was already hoarse so I'd rather have her dodge notes than to lose her voice. And I also think it's unfair to compare Xtina and Beyoncé because they are two very different artists. Xtina relys on her voice and visuals alone because she's not really a dancer while Bey does pretty much everything. I'd watch her Vegas Residency if it was just ballads just because the quality of her voice alone. Heck if she didn't have props or a set, she'll own the stage just with this song. J.No wishes she can sing live like this.
  12. BlancMac

    What a trashy fan base (on twitter here, however, her stans are okay.) It's not okay to threaten someone because of their sexuality. I thought Red Angelo and Agugaga are the worse but these hive twitter stans are taking the trophy for the most annoying and most libellous fans.
  13. BlancMac

    Preach Queen.
  14. BlancMac

    This is actually the first time I've ever heard of this man. and maybe that's a good thing. Maybe he's just not popular here in Asia.
  15. BlancMac


    Or it could be worse, like she'll cancel last minute.