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    I can't at what you said. I'm praying that FIL can snatch this one and not lose some generic shit.
  2. BlancMac


    It did? Well, I'm just hoping that Xtina and Demi will not pull a Kesha come awards night and lose to some generic pop song about meeting some chick at a bar and admiring her body. That would be too much to even live down. Bionic was snubbed, that's true, if it were to be released now, it would've been a career resurrection for X. Lotus on the other hand.... And yep, Deserve and Unless it's With You Deserves a nod too. I just hope that Demi and X can win with FIL because it's really timely and on set with the new wave of feminism these days. As for the declining ratings of the show, well, they should really consider re-shuffling the academy voters and change some rules. Last years' award show was unbearable and mediocre at best, well, except for some performances.
  3. I hope it'll jump to number one. It's what she deserves.
  4. BlancMac


    Yas! Xtina and ha never ending impact. I have a feeling that she has the best chance at winning with Fall in Line but I wouldn't complain if she wins both TBH. She deserves it. If Demi is good and ready, maybe they can perform on the show I'm still low-key mad that Deserve was snubbed.
  5. BlancMac

    Mariah and ha impact.
  6. He sure got what was coming to him. What goes around comes around. Another win for the gays!
  7. BlancMac


    The second photo is such a bad angle. I can't The first and third though are much, much better.
  8. BlancMac

    Celeb News

    Now we have something we agree on . Thanks. But the fact that (some) male rappers make music about doing sexually assaulting things to women is really sad.
  9. BlancMac

    Celeb News

    I forgot about her feud with Kelly.
  10. BlancMac

    Celeb News

    Okay hunty. But to each their own, right? Using names of people whom you're probably not associated with anymore and referencing terrorist attacks in your freestyle rap just to get attention is the way to go, huh? Even if he donated back then, as you have pointed out, it's still an a-hole move to include it in his diss track. BTW, I never said he attacked Ariana. Also, the fact that he said this: "Fuck Christina with a plastic spoon." Is already a form of sexual assault and that is not okay, and should never sound okay. You may say that it's just the way he writes but still, it's not cool to degrade women in any way, shape or form, just so you can tell people your penis is still capable of erecting. If you say so.
  11. BlancMac

    Celeb News

    This. It's such a desperate move. The worst part was about the bombing in Ariana Grande's concert. I mean WTF? People lost their lives when that happened. This man really needs to grow up.
  12. BlancMac

    Celeb News

    This is true. I don't even know why he's trying to do this. He just looks so desperate for attention. Quite frankly, X should just ignore him and focus on a second leg of her tour. but my bitchy half also wants her to make a Can't Hold us Down 2.0 in response. She may not be relevant but she has her impact and her legacy. Plus Eminem already made a song about her back in 2000 (I think) her that I will not mention anymore. I think he made the song because X stated an opinion that I agree with.
  13. BlancMac

    Celeb News

    I cringed when I read that earlier. And now that I got to read it again, I wanted to vomit.
  14. I liked Amanda's better but that;s just me. Although Lindsay's cover is really creative with the Disney Princess thing going on.
  15. I don't even know why he's reigniting this feud from twenty years ago. It's an 11-minute rap that i didn't bother to listen to (He dissed a lot of people by the way). I just read the part where he dissed X. And trust me, it's misogynistic as heck. Why does he like feuding with pop girls so much? (Mariah being another example. ) Can't he feud with men for a change? Or better yet, not feud with anyone at all. Any thoughts?