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  1. Dani K.

    You'll find someone better
  2. Dani K.

    The Tyra Banks GIF Collection

    Since Ms. Tyra Bonkers always gives the best faces, here are some of my favorites from the questionable Super Model.
  3. Dani K.

    What did I just read?
  4. Dani K. here

    My co-worker caught me browsing FOTP and I was in the Wonhoes thread I--

    Tyra banks GIF - Find on GIFER

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    2. Dani K.

      @Chris Morlock Nope. He was pretty grossed out because he saw a shirtless photo of Wonho.

      He won't be able to tell on me tho since I once caught him watching a video on pornhub. brit16

  5. Dani K.


    9 since I like her in the photo.
  6. I was thinking of supporting these locals but I'll see what Ms. Rodrigo has to offer.
  7. Dani K.


    9 for the photo, 0 for the concept as it does not fit the song. This could've easily been for falsas esperanzas.
  8. Dani K.


    The good sis is from Indonesia. It's about a 2.5 hours flight from the PH, and all borders of my country shut down. I'm pretty sure the good sis is looking for a job since she just graduated. Hopefully, she is healthy and is safe tho. Sis @An Impossible Princess, u okay?
  9. Dani K.


    Just Be Free Dream a Dream