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  1. Lemme just promote Daddy Wonho's new song.



  2. 1. Kylie Minogue 2. Mariah Carey 3. Christina Aguilera 4. Taylor Swift 5. Britney Spears 6. Madonna ---- The rest....
  3. I don't know her and that seems to be a good thing. Is she an Industry Plant?
  4. IsprayforX want to be relevant with "controversial" BG threads.
  5. But why make a BG thread about it? Shouldn't this be in the B section if OP truly wants to show support for B?
  6. 1. Light Years 2. Body Language 3. Fever 4. X 5. Aphrodite 6. Disco 7. Impossible Princess 8. Kiss Me Once 9. Kylie 1994 10. Rhythm of Love 11. Golden 12. Let's Get To It. 13. Enjoy Yourself 14. Kylie
  7. I thought Psyducktina has gone back to it's mothership from ATRHELL but lo and behold, it's back.
  8. The BG threads that keeps on making is very reductive.
  9. What the heck is even an Aguileraean DNA?

    1. Wonho


      Aguilerean Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

    2. Dani K.

      Dani K.

      Thank you @Wonhostein Is that the scientific name of the botox that Xtine use?

    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Scientistic queen. 

  10. ok. This pretty much sums you up. Good job on describing yourself.
  11. And what solo hit would that be? I can't seem to remember.
  12. WTF is this? The pencil eyebrows, the fake tan? Serving Queen Elizabeth I in reverse. Glad she went the sophisticated route with B2B.
  13. You're welcome! At least it contributes to forum activities.
  14. @Galactic-Tiger's re-incarnation is upon us. brit12

  15. They are. They even protested when Gaga and Madonna had concerts here my country because they see these two artists as Satan's next coming. It was a kii tho since both of their concerts respectively were sold out.
  16. Duly noted. Like I said as well, maybe she also follows the religion and wanted to show appreciation to it? There are certain beliefs in Hinduism such as diversity and unity and maybe she wanted to emulate it.
  17. X doesn't even sing her songs, she just ad libs through them. Not really worth it.
  18. Go ahead. Like I care if you drag Kylie especially her singing. You saying Christina is supremely superior in every aspect is laughable tho, have you seen Christina's live show videos and the way she performs when not televised? She sucked and is always out of breath so take several seats at the back row of a theater tour that she was not able to even sell out.
  19. And? Did I even say that she is? She has the sensual sounding voice that is very distinct which is why she's very popular with the gays. Also, just because someone can belt doesn't mean they are a great singer. What is the use of belting and being a vocal force when you don't even use proper singing techniques?
  20. Please do not categorize Madonna and Kylie with J.Low. Madonna and Kylie are artists, J.No is an exhibitionist who do not have any vocal abilities whatsoever. On a side note, Ms. Minogue has a wonderful head voice and sings live in most of her concerts and don't push her vocal limits. She has the sensual, sexy voice that is her signature sound. Please do some research first before making comments about the Ultimate Gay Icon, Kylie Minogue.
  21. This is true but Ms. Kylie "Queen of Everything Gay" Minogue does have a wonderful head voice, just listen to the latter part of Your Disco Needs You and the ad lib from Too Much. Also, I think 1994 vocals Kylie Minogue should make a comeback because I really enjoyed Love is Waiting and Time Will Pass You By. I think her higher pitched voice is an artistic choice rather than a flaw.