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  1. Daniel K.

    I--- is @Cha Eunwoo the Alison Dilaurentis of FOTP?
  2. Daniel K.

    The way this thread turned into an avenue for @Ghostface's and @Cha Eunwoo's argument section I--- Keep em coming! I'm gunning for thread of the decade.
  3. Daniel K.

    Hi! yes I also gave you a 10
  4. Daniel K.

    The Breakdown of Votes @Cha Eunwoo @Ghostface please refer to the chart above and see if you two gave each other zeroes.
  5. Daniel K.

    You will see soon
  6. Daniel K.

    Kweens, I will be posting the breakdown of votes and you will see who gave you zeroes...
  7. Daniel K.

    This means that @fab - Kellyanne Crowsfeet is still in the running to become FOTP's Next Top Model. Congrats.
  8. Daniel K.

    The Girl that I will call will no longer be in the running to be FOTP's Next Top Model Who will it be?
  9. Daniel K.

    The Gurls Up for elimination @Chris Morlock - Kesha Sebert - @fab - Kellyanne Crowsfeet The one who will stay has 37 points and the one who will go has 31 points. Who stays and who goes?
  10. Daniel K.

    8th Call Out
  11. Daniel K.

    5th to 7th Call Out
  12. Daniel K.

    2nd - 4th Call Outs
  13. Daniel K.

    The BEST PHOTO with 74 points is.... Congratulations, you are still in the running for FOTP's Next Top Model.