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  1. And she did that with zero featured artist. We love a solo comeback.
  2. There will be someone one day.... But for now Kim's the biggest representation in the music world albeit she's working with a sexual predator....but that's on her. It's cool tho that she's getting famous but her antics and her music are just not my cup of tea.
  3. Kylie Minogue has religious cults seething.


    1. Max


      And we love her for that rih13 

    2. Chris


      Where is the satanic messaging? dead2 

    3. Princess Aurora
  4. Never really cared for Ajay. They seem harmless and based on what I watched, she seems like a nice person. There are reactors out there that praise gay music and seems to not like vanilla music from vanilla artists.
  5. The cackle I let out. brit9


  6. A summer bop! 


  7. Is she scheming to get that decade high charting position? Hustle hunty. I read on twatter that she held a listening party in the US. It's like she's inviting everyone to leak her album.
  8. You filmed your new MV in my country? Why didn't I know about this HelloGloom?

     Teasers seems like it will be a summer bop but summer is almost over in my country...thankfully. 

  9. Two new songs leaked one from Tension sessions a song called Rest of Our Lives (A total bop) (but I feel like this could have been for Aphrodite because it sounds like Too Much) and a really new one from X session called Nothing Lost Nothing Gained, somehow it also can be for tension because it sound like her current vocals. Both are on Youtube.
  10. Sorry but Feel the Love is much more superior even if the one I listened to is cut off at 2:26.
  11. I'm glad she did not release this song because this was...errr...a choice.
  12. What? They're promoting a never been more than a living legend?