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  1. Well she does have the personality of a white blank paper so it's a pretty accurate depiction.
  2. Diamonds & Dancefloors is a good Dance Pop album...

    Despite that....

    Ava Max is still a clown. 

  3. Holy fuckballs on a stick. How is this man 56 years old. His name is Chuando Tan born in 1966.

    Chuando Tan - Ave

    1. PoisonCandy


      How tf is that possible. Like I get genetics and taking care of yourself can help, and it looks like he does, but gravity also contributes to the ageing process. How has he defied gravity?! oprah8

    2. Disco Darling

      Disco Darling



      In his latest interview (like 4 weeks ago) He looked like he was in his late twenties to early thirties. Also very single. I wish I  was living in Singapore. 



  4. Football is not popular here in my country...(well it is popular for rich, male, bible quoting, holier-than-thou Christian politicians who have side male sex partners their wives do not know of....)
  5. Wine sales lady is much better than being an oreo or make up sales lady.