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  1. Wine sales lady is much better than being an oreo or make up sales lady.
  2. Tumblr is having a resurgence. They need to allow NSFW contents again to cater to Deferred Twatter users.
  3. Happy belated singles day to us then! (It Was celebrated on November 11 just FYI)
  4. Imagine being so obsessed with someone you hate. Taylord living rent free in these girlies minds, as usual.
  5. Whatever happened to the good sis STJ? Did she get lost buying tickets for the Lotus Bathroom Tour? 

    1. Mother


      I think she's dead. Hopefully not though. jay1

    2. Disco Darling

      Disco Darling

      I thought she was permabanned because her comments about Moodiner. 

  6. No reading comprehension from a certain Taylord hater.
  7. Did I ever call you sexist @StrippedX? I don't think I have. Madonna making fanfics, I see.
  8. A congressman in my country just created a law called the HETEROSEXUAL ACT aiming to protect the straights while the entire congress is ignoring our SOGIE Equality Bill that aims to protect the rights of the LGBTQAI community in my country.


    I swear these straight men will be the death of democracy. 

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    2. Chris


      Who's gonna be queen supreme of Mars? alex1 

    3. Disco Darling

      Disco Darling

      @Chris Kylie Minogue kylie1


    4. Disco Darling

      Disco Darling

      @Kylie Philippines.

      Boomers in my country elected the son of a dictator so this is not really surprising coming from a boomer congressman. Still, it's disappointing that they are trying to protect the straights when most of them are the oppressor. 

      What we really need is a progressive female leader who fights for LGBTQIA rights but she lost by fifteen million votes because of troll farms and fake news on tiktok, youtube and facebook and blatant cheating of right wingers. Now she's part of Harvard's Hauser Leaders and is running a Non Government Organization.