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  1. Highlight!


    Stripped: 190 Back to Basics: 192 Bionic: 72
  2. Highlight!


    I feel attacked by his choice of production company name as a south east Asian...
  3. Highlight!

    The font size, the font style, the way this was typed....it ain't it honey. This seems like a message from Yahoo Messenger...
  4. Highlight!

    Just go stream chromatica instead of making lame ass threads sweetie.
  5. Highlight!

    Sweetie you don't get a say as to what iconic means to other people.
  6. Highlight!

    Xtina: Just Be Free - Just Be Free and Dream a Dream Christina Aguilera - When You Put Your Hands on Me and So Emotional Stripped - Loving Me 4 Me and Walk Away B2B - Mercy on Me and Welcome Bionic - Desnudate and Birds of Prey Lotus - Lotus Intro and Blank Page Liberation - Pipe and Like I Do Britney: BOMT - E-Mail My Heart and Soda Pop OIDIA - Don't Let Me Be The Last to Know and OIDIA Britney - Anticipating and I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman ITZ - Breathe On Me and Brave New Girl Blackout - Hot as Ice and Piece of Me Circus - "I Smell Your Breath, It Makes Me Cry" and If You Seek Amy FF - Hold it Against Me Barney Jean - Glory - Make Me
  7. everytime the forum is active, I seem to be asleep....
  8. Well, double standards are prevalent even in the Granny Awards. I mean JT winning an award was not it. Well, at least we can be hoes and still save ha section. We can't always have megarates.
  9. Highlight!


  10. It's really not...Demi tried...Selena tried... You're not into thicc guys? For the most part I like 'em thicc but not roided up... As far as actors are concerned he is my fave
  11. Highlight!


    I've never saw any of that where does he post 'em?
  12. Highlight!


    I think Matt is the head of talent of Master Class. For me, Jordan was good for Xtina as well but I guess they both did something to each other. Matt on the other hand feels like he's just going with the flow and maybe that's why they mesh well since X likes being a bawse...
  13. He seems like a nice guy... He seems to make X happy... But what can we say about Mr. Christina Aguilera?
  14. Yes, Stripped, the album that new pop girls try to emulate. I stopped playing with Barbies when I discovered wrestling on TV and just started to stan female wrestlers and ogle male wrestlers abs, thighs and bulges...