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  1. She's pretty famous. Overhyped but famous with an annoying cult like fanbase. Possibly more than half are MAGA republican capitalists like her. Not really a good performer nor singer but her fans love hyping her up as the biggest pop star of the century when she lacks the talent and charisma of being one. LBR, she will never surpass Madonna no matter how many records she 'breaks'. A one trick pony who lives and breathes victimizing herself all the damn fucking time. Still famous but we all know fame is fleeting. I can see her having a meltdown when her fan
  2. She needs to take a few lessons from Kelly Clarkson about shunning this dude.
  3. Parents should really check on what their kids are listening to or maybe not listen to explicit songs in front of their children. If the kid is a toddler, why not make it listen to Cocomelon or something?
  4. How did i even manage to get to the grand finals? It's either someone did not vote or there was a more universally panned song.
  5. I noticed a shift too after the KMO era. Her styling became less and less cunty. The styling for the Golden era aged her too much plus the track suit she has been wearing all just not it. She's not an F1 rider or whatever that is but her penchant for it is questionable. The grammy lewk was also not it. She's always been the glizty, glamorous pop princess and I need that back.
  6. I think they have patched things up last year when William posted a photo of Kylie backstage during the Intimate and Live Tour. Hopefully they collaborate for her tour and her next studio album because the styling for tension was too frumpy.
  7. Even Camel Toe's latest release had slightly better promo than Amphetamine.
  8. She released it already? Talk about a non event. Here promo team needs to werk.
  9. I don't know if I'll be able to post it's 2AM here and I'm waiting for sleep that won't come today. A lot has happened in the last five hours and I'm still in shock but I will try to listen to the songs and send in my votes before the deadline. I'm sorry.
  10. I just lost my aunt tonight. I was the last one to give her CPR before the medics came but it was way too late. I'm heart broken.

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      I’m sorry for your family’s loss. hug1

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      So sorry for your loss hug1 stay strong love!

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      V For Vendetta

      Awww sorry sweetie :(

  11. Margot Robbie could portray her. The only problem is the height.