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  1. I was saddened too but we did not have the machinery and disinformation and history revisionism was a big blow. Our outgoing VP/presidential candidate will be in office until June 30 she announced that her Party will now become a Non Government Organization and will still uphold her platform but this time as a private entity.
  2. Carla Array Simpson was never big in here in Asia. Yeah she did have that Call Me Maybe elevator song known here but other than that....she is a here.
  3. It's not only an injustice to Leni but to Filipinos who wanted change. I was crying all day long because I feel like we failed the victims of Martial Law, the student leaders who were tortured back then, the people who died of malnutrition
  4. Yes that's the one. Political Dynasties have been rampant here ever since. The Marcoses is yet to pay 203 billion pesos for taxes. I hear Imelda Marcos even gets an entire mall all to herself when she goes shopping back then while Filipinos were suffering from malnutrition. On top of that she even agreed to mass burial of construction workers (some were buried alive) just to finish the now condemned and haunted Manila Film center. Hopefully, the manual count will have different results but there are videos circulating that cheating is happ
  5. People in my country forgot their history and elected the son of a Dictator. This is insane. A lot of people where aghast, especially the youth and activists like me with the landslide result. A lot of people were accusing our election committee with electoral fraud. I knew that our Pink Movement sparked a revolution against corruption, human rights violation and press freedom but the power was in the hands of our corrupt government. A religious organization called Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting has been manually recounting the ballots with hopes of a differen
  6. Roc Nation really doesn't know what to do with a pop star.
  7. At least she errr...has a video for the song. The dress, her styling and makeup looks great but the concept of the video... I wished she did something along the lines of the Fall On Me MV
  8. Olivia and Dua I guess. I don't listen to them as much but they are having a moment.
  9. 3 new songs that sounds the same and tries to chase a granny next year? Yay!
  10. So it's a quick cash grab from their baby bra keyboard warriors on the internet, aka their ten to fifteen year old demographic. At this point they are just milking whatever popularity BTS have left.
  11. I think Kylie likes most of her work from PWL but seldom performs them. Hery second album was actually executed better than her first. I still think to this day, Never Too Late is one of the catchiest pop songs of Kylie. Rhythm of Love is the one that I think Kylie prefers the most as it showcased her maturity. Yes, Better the Devil You Know is one of Kylie's strongest songs. I feel like Rhythm of Love is the time that Kylie fully embraced camp. All her singles from that era are outstanding. Songs like Shocked, Step Back In Time and What Do I Have To Do deserves a lot of recogn
  12. Yes, you're just like him. I mean, you both stan a predator. He stans Marvin Ghey, You stan Piss Brown. I think that's a match made in hellish nightmare...