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  1. Kylie hands down has a better discography. She has constantly reinvented her sound and her image without alienating her core gay audience whilst making her discography very eclectic and not one dimensional. Bardot Kylie from Body Language Era alone almost turned me straight. Also, her songs are purely danceable and not boring.
  2. Just promoting my locals. 😆😆😆😆


  3. This was all I needed.


  4. They probably photoshopped her jaw line...or she had them shaved or whatever the procedure is called but either way she looks amazing and fresh looking, also aside from her healthier look, her hair also looks healthier rn. Her team at Roc nation must be doing her all kinds of good.
  5. 10 @ajp Thanks for updating this thread. I'll try to post a magazine cover too if everything will be fine.
  6. @ajp thanks kween!!! I'm currently on my phone and it's hard to even write up a post. I tried posting a photo using my phone but it was not working. anyaway... a 10 @august @Billie Frank @An Impossible Princess @Mario @plutoniano
  7. And yet we see pop girls of today doing even more raunchier videos. NMT Music Video such a classic, in you face video that no one was ready for.
  8. X is Kylie's blackout tho. Aphrodite is Kylie's Goddess (aka her better than Lotus era.)
  9. It does help. Medical practitioners have repeatedly said so. It's just an added protection. Also, its better than not being protected at all. While I'm saying this my country has 9k caeses daily and everyone is obliged to wear masks and face shield because if we don't we will be fined of worst, be detaines in jail for not following health protocols.
  10. In terms of albums sales yes. In terms of vocals and creativity, X is a million miles better.
  11. The US pretty much slept on Kylie Before and After the Fever era. I don't think the GP even knows who sang CGYOOMH other the catchy hook. The gays in the US are the ones who really know of her. The US was not ready for Kylie's campiness and missed out on a pop star who has infectious music. Good thing she's well known in the UK, Australia and here in Asia.
  12. @august @An Impossible Princess @Billie Frank @BabyMario44 @plutoniano Please do vote Sidenote: I will likely update this by April 4th since my country is on lockdown becaus for the 3rd straight day, we recorded 9k cases of Covid and there is on case in my vilage. So @august, I will not be abandoning the thread because the wifi connection in my house is slower and my office computer is miles away from me. I'm not going to be like Xtine anymore and just forget about an album within. a day or two.
  13. You're pushing BTS too much when we all know they are just a flash in the pan, industry planted boy band who will likely get hate when they get exempted from the military service because other idols had to serve in the South Korean army.