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  1. Hated that album. I don't know why she wanted to go down that route. The only songs worth to listen to are Breathe, Did It Again and Cowboy Style. The rest was just a mess. She should have stuck with the KM94 sound. IP tainted her career. Thankfully, she returned to form with Light Years (A much better album than IP and Fever.)
  2. We already had a taste of it from that atrocious bonus track from Disco called Fine Wine.
  3. So eleven years after Aphrodite, will we also get an album called Venus?
  4. Personally, I find their non English songs better. Their english songs are a bit off for me.
  5. Not my cup of tea. It's so Avril Lasagna. But props to ha tho. She seems a bit diffrent from other pop girls
  6. Yes. Because people are petty about their faves not hitting number 1. I mean I don't really like BTS and butter. the song is mostly annoying but people being pressdt about charts that is not really important anymore are really funny. also who is this Olivia Rodriguez as well? Never heard of her before.
  7. Or something along the lines of what Kylie wore during the Aphrodite Era. The whole Lotus era was a mess. Who the hell told Christina to make the Your Body music video so cheap looking? I mean, the whole aesthetic the of video never matched with anything in the album's visuals. If anything. she should have just made a video that was close to the single cover. Her single cover is very ethereal and the music video was trailer park trash.
  8. You say X is one of the worst when Circus is just filled with fillers?
  9. The One, Wow, Sensitized, are very wonderful, even the unreleased ones are also worth to listen to. X is in my top 5 Kylie Albums. Number one being KM94 followed by Aphrodite, Light Years, Rhythm of God, and then X. The only not so great album was Kylie made was Golden and even that's quite listenable. Her first two albums are quite wholesome but still perks me up and when I'm not feeling particularly great.