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    Lana's Corp Manager, Gwen Vermillion, Arrives To The Red Carpet Q: Hello Gwen, surprised to see you here. Gwen: Why are you surprised? Q: Are you proud of Lana taking the Woman Of The Year award? Gwen: So proud! She has acheived so much and she really deserves it. I'd even say she deserves it this year more than in 2017. This year is monumental to her career in many ways. Q: So tell us, how is managing Lana like? Is it hard to manage such a huge artist? Gwen: I don't think many people know it but Lana actually gave me the job at Universal. I mean... it's all because of her and I owe her for this opportunity probably as much as she owes me, if not more. Q: Really? Where were you before that? Gwen: Sony. Q: Oh. Okay Gwen: So yeah, for me this has been a great year career wise and Lana has a very big part in that. I love her so much personally and I am so happy for her. That's not to say we never argue (laughs) But that's business, you know? I think if eveything goes smooth then something is wrong. I'm so grateful to be sitting next to her recieving this incredible title from Billboard. UMG and the entire team are very thankful for Billboard for choosing her again. Q: You all can be really proud. Thank you and have a great night! Gwen: Thanks! You too.
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    M&MS discounted on all digital platforms. As well as Dangerous, Dancing In Paris & Good Girls @Bleachella @Ronlop