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  1. CAL Business

    MAMA REY ??? Lana Del Rey on having kids: "It's more of a discussion of when, rather than if" Lana Del Rey returned this week with the release of her original song "Hunting You" for Marvel's Black Widow movie, in which she will also appear in a supporting role. The song is set to be another huge smash worldwide with it dominating the WW iTunes charts with a big gap on the first update. The global superstar covered this month's Vogue issue and addressed various topics from her role in the movie, the new song, her husband Chris Evans and also her desire to have kids. The "I Believe In Love" singer said that Chris and her did indeed talk about having kids and it's only a matter of when. "Of course, we have spoken about it. [...] I think I am a maternal person, so it’s more of a discussion of when, rather than if." A close friend to Lana has told us that Lana does not like to discuss these things in public but has been serious about this for quite some time. "It's been over a year since they got married and Chris and her are more than ready to be parents now", he said, "She is a very private person and doesn't really like to share these type of stuff but I can tell you, it is imminent". Oh my gosh! How exciting is this?! How do you feel about the possibility of Lana becoming a mother very soon? Leave comments below! _____________________________________________________
  2. CAL Business

    OVERNIGHT APATHY Maluma Announces New Album Title Maluma has officially announced the album title for his second studio album in January's V Magazine issue- "Overnight Apathy". Ahead of his role as a The Voice USA coach for the next six weeks, the 26-year-old superstar covered V Magazine and talked about everything from his break-up with Belinda, his relationship with Zendaya and also his upcoming new album. The "Criminal" singer stated that around a year ago, the album was in risk of cancelation. "“It was back in, I think, May or so that I saw that Mariah was doing Dance/Pop influenced with 80s 808s.. Then I saw Frank announcing the same, then Kelly Clarkson releasing a song like that too. It was a pandemonium", he said, "[...] I saw that all these artists started to release that kind of music and I almost lost my mind. I remember thinking of cancelling the whole album, because I didn’t want people to think I was copying someone else or going with the flow. This was something that wrecked me a little bit, not gonna lie". The star also mentioned that the date for his "Overnight Apathy" remains unknown and denied March as a possible release date. He said in regards to the March rumors: “No... That’s not happening. At all. I don’t want to rush things.. I’m happy with the way I’m working on my music and there’s no rush to release anything either. I’m having fun dropping singles here and there too.. There’s no pressure. I don’t want to fall back into the same crazy amount of pressure that i put myself into Maniac release and all of that. I don’t want that. This is why I say that, I’m taking my time on this. Whenever I feel like the album’s ready to be out, it’ll be out without a doubt. I’m so sure of that.” On the now-announced title, he said: “I love the title, and it really captures the essence of what I wanna do with it, sing on and all of that. I think my fans are going to love it". Shortly after the announcement, #OvernightApathy trended worldwide with over 300k mentions with fans still hopeful for a March release date. Do you love "Overnight Apathy" is M2's album title? Leave comments below!
  3. CAL Business

    MALUMA'S NEW SINGLE LEAKING , TITLED ACTIVO Oh my gosh! Apparently the Malumers are going WILD over a Maluma leak which surfaced online on Twitter earlier today. The leak was apparently leaked by a Brazilian fan who claims to have recieved this leak personally by Maluma through DMs. The title of the song is allegedly "Activo" and is set to be officially released this March. During an interview last week, Maluma confirmed that the "album is basically ready for release". The malumers went crazy over the leak with it getting mixed reviews, some calling it a "major bop" and some calling it a downgrade from the sound that they expected. #Activo is trending worldwide with over 400k mentions as of now. Maluma's next album, refered as M2 online, is set to be released on March along with the new single and a worldwide stadium tour which will be announced for the summer. Maluma's previous and debut album "Maniac" became the best selling album from a male artist of all times selling over 18.9 million records worldwide and being streamed over 2.5 billion times. In December, Maluma released "God Complex" which took over the charts for four week in a row. The track, confirmed as not the lead, will be part of the album but surpisingly does not sound similar to "Activo" which makes us even more excited because you just never know what to expect with Maluma! Are you excited as much as we are from the "Activo" leak? The hype is real!
  4. CAL Business

    THE VOICE USA BRINGS IN NEW COACHES NBC CATCH 'EM ALL It's official! Maluma, Lorde, Brendon Urie & Zendaya are going to be the new coaches on NBC's The Voice new season this year. This marks NBC's biggest deal yet with Maluma reportedly being paid 16 million dollars for the entire six seasons run, Lorde & Brendon Urie both at 14 million dollars each and Zendaya at 6.8 million dollars. Overall, a 50.8 million dollars investment from NBC solely on the new coaches. However a source from the telivison broadcasting company tells us that they never imagined that they would get such a great deal. "The investment is nothing compared to the massive stars we've managed to bring this season", he said, "I don't think people realize how big this is". Maluma, Lorde, Brendon Urie and Zendaya all hold around 17 millions followers on their social media accounts together, what would surely bring in a big boost in ratings this upcoming season. NBC posted the news on their official social media accounts and commercials have already started to promote the premiere. A conference with all four new judges will be held tomorrow. The new season will last six weeks starting Sunday, Feb 2 until Sunday, March 15. All the coaches are confirmed to perform at the grand finale on March 15. @hector @Bleachella @Surrealism
  5. CAL Business

    Beyonce's sister, Solange, speaks up Beyonce has been in our lives for six years now after the release of her first studio album "Insatiable" in 2014. What you did not know is that her sister Solange is apparently also a singer songwriter and is officially embarking on her own musical career as part of the duo "IN RETROGRADE" which includes both her and FKA Twigs. The duo released the heavilypolitical single "TRAICIONERA (featuring Rosalía) two weeks ago and has made their official mainstream debut on Britney Spears' new talked-about video for "Libido/ P.I.P (Pu**y Is Power)" which was released today. In response to the backlash, the duo slammed the conservative media for "promoting a misconstrued narrative [...] for the sake of defamation against our character". They took their Twitter account to express their opinions regarding the criticsm. Beyhive! Looks like your fave's sister is coming for her spot! Are you excited as much as we are for this new duo? Leave comments below!
  6. CAL Business

    Britney Spears & Beyonce Mock The Judicial System In New Video Britney Spears released her brand new video for her controversial songs "Libido" and "P***y Is Power" today. As expected from the singer, the video caused another wave of counteraction against the singer and mostly superstar Beyonce who has made a surprise appearance in the video. In the video, Spears and Beyonce's criticsm against the judicial system is very clear. In a democracy every institution is necessarily the subject of criticism and to this general rule the courts are no exception. However, the singers are using their mllions of followers as a platform to incite their audiences against the law and the state's insitutions, therein lies the problem. Britney Spears often stirs controversy for the sake of selling her music disguised as "spreading a message". The cynical exploitation of her audience who are repeatedly fooled by her marketing lies is a marginal to the problem itself- her constant incitement. Spears persuading her audience to believe that the judicial system are in the wrong in regards to her "witch hunt" which was mostly apparent on social media is extremely dangerous and concerning. Beyonce joining this provocation is even more worrying as the star holds one of the biggest audiences in the world with over 3 million people following her on social media as of today. Her encouragement to validate the corruption of our system as an absolute fact may lead to actual violence against our insituitons who work daily in order to protect the citizens. In response to the critcism, Beyonce took her Twitter account to address the situation. The singer blamed the so-called "SYSTEM" which "allow abusive men to thrive without consequence". She continued by saying that "we cannot and WILL not be deterred by vitriolic politicians who do not have our interests at heart". Are we going to let a few pop stars lead us to anarchy? Or are we going to recognize the importance of authority in our country and protect it?
  7. CAL Business

    2016 Beyonce On Steroids The Beyonce of the New Decade? Beyonce has had one of her best years career and personal life wise, with the release of her critically acclaimed album "How Can I Fly Without Wings" which serves as her stripped-back and organic record. The album has sold over 4 million copies as of today with the lead single, with the same title, becoming one of Beyonce's best-selling songs in her five years catalogue. Beyonce who was considered a "Lost Queen" for years following the under-performance of her fourth studio album "The Third Ward" has brought the general public back on her side with her being currently the sixth most followed artist on Connect with over 3 million followers worldwide. Beyonce has always been vocal for human rights. With the release of Black Ambition in 2016, the star spoke about topics that weren't talked about beforehand in the pop scene such as the violence and systemic racism towards black people. However, she was never this vocal politically. The singer appeared on Britney Spears' new video which was released today and was seen smashing windows swinging her hammer to the beat of the song whilst Spears was lifting a sign with Donald Trump's face, saying "THIS PU**Y AIN'T YOURS TO GRAB" referencing the Access Hollywood tape controversy in 2016 when Trump was heard saying "I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. ... Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." As a result, the singer recieved hate online from several people, among them politicians from the Republican party who criticized her for following Britney's route. Spears is a known provocateur in the pop world but Beyonce's daring decision to appear on the video, knowing the possible consequences, may suggest that the songstess is embarking on a whole new image shift in the new decade. One that is more reminiscent to her 2016 days than any of her projects after it. It's very possible that this move was just a prologue to this old-new Beyonce that is ready to just not play safe again.
  8. CAL Business

    Britney Spears & Beyonce Face Controversy Britney Spears released a double featue video for her songs "Libido" and "P.I.P (Pu**y is Power)" earlier today. The music video, which was directed by Melina Matsoukas and Spears herself, brings us into Britney's mind during May 4th, 2018- the release of her highly controversial video for "Flowin'" which caused a massive uproar leading several of religious and political leaders calling her out and hundreds rioting against the star outside of her residency in California. During the video, Spears presents the ways she percieved that period in her life. Outside of the Supreme Courthouse in New York City, hundreds of people were seen screaming, holding cardboards saying "Satanic Witch!", "Britney Spears, the doom of our nation" and more. A representation of the online hate as well as actual riot that was held outside of Spears' home on May two years ago. The star was seen walking into the courtroom handcuffed with all the judges being white men and a group of nuns on the jury as she begins to sing, followed by a surprise appearance by Christina Aguilera who has also been very vocal on her stance against the ingrained prejudice against women in society. The first part of the video ends with KYLIE tying up seceral police men as she sets Britney and Cardi B free from their cells . By that, Spears is blurring the lines between the religious police that is predominant in several Islamic societies around the world to the constitutions empowered by the the state. The second part of the video, the one for "P.I.P (Pu**y Is Power)", features non-other but Beyonce who makes a daring moving appearing on a Britney Spears video after her most recent praised album cycle. During the video, Spears was seen lifting up a sign with Donald Trump's face, saying "THIS PU**Y AIN'T YOURS TO GRAB" referencing the Access Hollywood tape controversy in 2016 when Trump was heard saying "I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. ... Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." Beyonce was seen in the video smashing windows swinging her hammer to the beat of the song, joined by In Retrograde- a new group formed of her sister, Solange and FKA Twigs. The video ends with all the women chanting without the beat: "We're strong. We're enough. This is for our sisters without a voice. It wasn't your fault, where you've been or how you were dressed. The offender is you (the man), it's the president, it's the police, it's the state, but rest assured girl that you're not to blame". Parts of the words were taken from the feminist anthem "El violador eres tu", which was created in Chile against femicide and sexism in late 2019. By that, Spears ultimately associates between the event that happened to her to the events that are happening all over the world, raising the question whether misogyny is infact a global epidemic. Spears inserted herself into the battle of not only her artistry but also the battle of all women worldwide demanding their rights. Britney Spears has formed a reputation of a controversial and polarazing figure over the years and has without a doubt changed people's perceptions on what it means to be a woman in pop music and in the world.
  9. CAL Business

    THE TELEVISED HUG - KATY PERRY APOLOGIZES KATY: "I know the effect one negative comment can have. You'll always remember it, but not the 99 other great ones." Last week, Katy Perry made social media go wild over her controversial comments on the premiere of X Factor UK. The star described a contestant's performance as a "crime against humanity" and ultimately faced heavy criticism with thousands calling to fire the singer. #KatyPerry and #CrimeAgainstHumantiy started trending on UK Twitter shortly after the episode aired with over 70k tweets tracked. This week's episode, however, it seems that the "Because Of You" singer totally embraced her kindness. When Ronald Robinson came on stage, the star issued a public apology to him: "Ronald, I must begin this commentary by telling you how deeply sorry I am. As a judge, it is my job to uplift you in the best way possible, not tear your performance down. It wasn't fair and I took it too far." She continued by saying to him shortly before hugging him on stage to the crowd cheering: "I know the effect one negative comment can have. You'll always remember it, but not the 99 other great ones." Ronald addressed Perry's words and told us today that the televised moment was completely real. "I honestly didn't expect it", he said, "She's really a kind and caring person. She took the time to really make sure that I was okay. And that is Katy Perry! Like she doesn't owe me anything (laughs) So it was really nice of her. I'm a big fan of her and her music." When asked how was it like hugging the superstar, he said: "Comfy". The singer is set to continue the season for 3 more episodes until the grande Finale. According to our sources, Perry might be in talks for a second season contract. Leave comments below! _____________________________________________________________________
  10. CAL Business

    Harry Styles To Make A Musical Comeback with Hilary Duff After the release of the Top 20 peaking stand-alone single "Heatwave" in 2018, Harry Styles has been completely absent from the public eye. On November 2018, the singer announced a Vegas residency which was shortly canceled due to unknown reasons. In May 2019, Styles announced the release of his upcoming fourth studio album in June later that year which also did not come to fruition. Without further explanation, the singer was announced as the ambassador for LILOSKIN on August of last year. At the beginning of the new year, Styles announced a new single titled "No Sleep Tonight" which was set to be released on January 7th. The singer shared his struggles with anxiety and depression being the reasons for the constant cancelations and him stepping out of the public eye. However, just when things finally seemed official with a confirmation from Sony Music themselves, the single was not released and Styles' fans, also refered as Dreamers, were left on their usual and seemingly endless cycle. According to Hilary Duff, mostly known as Shawn Mendes' ex-girlfriend whose song "Hurt Me" is currently charting inside the Top 5 worldwide and #2 on Radio, has confirmed a collaboration with Styles on her upcoming new single titled "Only Mine". The singer told Sirius XM: "He had some problems with his own song, so releasing Only Mine, which is our collaboration, made him happy because he would finally give his fans new music even if it is through me". The song was produced by non-other but Brendon Urie who is the executive producer of her upcoming album "Spellbound" which is set to be released later this year. "Only Mine" is scheduled for a release next Monday. Harry Styles was once considered an upper crust artist with three #1 hits, two of them being in 2016. His best selling song "Bloodstream" has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and has given him a Grammy for Record Of The Year in 2016. His last album "lusT", also released in 2016, sold over 3 million copies worldwide as of today. The singer also collaborated with Lana Del Rey on her 2017 hit-album "Midnight" for the track "Secrets", which is certified Platinum for selling over 1 million copies worldwide. The singer also appeared on Lorde's 2017 hit-EP "Eclipse" on the track "FLOW" which remains his most streamed song tracked on the platform. However, Styles belongs to the old age before the entrance of Encore & Connect into our lives which have changed the industry forever. Although he attempted to make a grand entrace in 2018 onto the new world with "Heatwave" which has garnered over 20 million streams on Encore, it is incomparable to the achievements of the male artists who are dominating today such as Maluma and Frank Ocean. With just around 8k followers on his Connect page, it is unclear how the 2016 artist will put himself back into the scene but being committed is surely the number one rule in trying to get there. With Hilary Duff potentially being one of the most promising artists of the new year, it is very possible that Styles chose the right person to return with. Leave your comments below! _______________________________________________________________________________________________