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  1. it's the eyebrows. we're use to the CHOLA eyebrows she use to rock.
  2. the fact that she sang REFLECTION after so long and sang it so eloquently. she slayed my show! 2nd night june 1st. living legend. however she was almost 30 mins late the place smelt like bubblegum and some parts smelt like you're in a forest the interlude visuals were amazing - the body glitter alien interlude in the beginning was STUNNING! there was another interlude where they played the KGB version of beautiful and she was fresh faced and naked holding onto a bulb of light - that too was perfect. i do wish she would have performed PRE MADONNA .... le sigh.
  3. this photoshoot had me "shooketh". you can tell that XTINA took this down time to get centered again, focus on the vegas residency and upcoming tour. she even looks like she lost a bit of weight, which wasn't necessary. she's ready for a new era/album/stage in her life.
  4. here for it. i love the simplicity in the beat, and the lyrics. the chorus is her weakest but i believe it to be overall better than LIVING FOR LOVE. can't wait for the music video.
  5. that tone. no one at that time could stand a chance .
  6. knoxavel

    Artist Randomdonna

    i would like for her to perform CHERISH on the next tour. thanks.
  7. FLIPSIDE - i really wish it had been on the album and not the special edition versions.
  8. rewatching the dsquared fashion show - legend x looked so good with that honey brown hair.
  9. 2 months until The Xperience! June 1st show - anyone else going on this date?!
  10. there is a time and place. mama's got to get to work.
  11. she needs to let summer hang with the nanny and papa ... ain't no reason for matt to be out on the road - he's got a job to do while mama x goes out and works. the fans need her more than the kids do at this time.
  12. i'm so happy to see legend X getting out there and touring again. i could see her NBA 2015 performance making a come back.
  13. yass. X came through. so excited for the footage!
  14. any dream collabs anyone is still holding out for? honestly- a big reason why bionic was so awesome was for that reason. the experimenting with different writers/producers/artists. i wanted her to work with the bravery and boom - she worked with front man sam endicott - pure sex because MONDAY MORNING is a certified BOP. i would love her to do a trance song - if ATB or COSMIC GATE would be sick. if kesha can do ZEDD, christina can do ATB or CG. i would also still love for Christina to do something with the chemical brothers. azure ray. explosions in th
  15. it's so comforting, right? i like the robotic sound. #justiceforbionic
  16. currently shuffling all of her albums / featured singles and b-sides/random songs - i need to prepare for The Xperience.
  17. i'm so excited. her tackiness is what i love the most and this show i feel will be the absolute most. zappos stage is not that big but i have a feeling she's going to pull through. plus im amped up for that damn setlist. ugh. hopefully i'll see some fans out there!
  18. why is ACCELERATE that song right now.
  19. she said it herself, sis. " she don't need it anymore "
  20. i have a strong feeling that if it's not another ALBUM in 2019 it'll be a strong EP (which honestly i'd prefer) and a small tour / intimate setting and more televised performances. also imma need her to do TWICE at the grammys this year ...
  21. the track list should have been: 1. Born to Die 2. Off to the Races 3. National Anthem 4 Radio 5. Lucky Ones 6. Dark Paradise 7. Blue Jeans 8. Million Dollar Man