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  1. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SICP-6241?s_ssid=e37ee55dd484aae1b0 Description Kesha to release the fourth album with 15 tracks total. Special Feature / Bonus Track: Japan only bonus track(s) (subject to change) Will best song on the album apart from birthday suit
  2. idrk


    birthday suit (Christmas remix)
  3. idrk

    we better be getting the song she named the whole project after I just want new Carly music feed us
  4. idrk

    well lets hope we get it anyway
  5. idrk

    better be middle of the night
  6. idrk

    is this thread worth reviving anyone else interested I need somewhere to shit out bebe stuff
  7. idrk

    the b sides of the album of the decade better come before the decade ends
  8. idrk

    come already 
  9. bebe second album (hopefully won't get cancelled again) high road kesha
  10. idrk

    kiss had like 15 b-sides tho dedicated had 0 and it took her 800 years as opposed to 6 months
  11. idrk

    Did kiss have any leaks other than hey boy
  12. idrk

    who's making jokes need rip wish his family the best
  13. idrk

    just found out this exists so for dedicated outtakes we have this love isn't crazy and middle of the night (still a fave)