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    (Minus wonderland) ill check it out when I go downstairs
  2. idrk

    chasing rainbows
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    2 in the next hour
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    literally anyone the fact that this went through her team and her label tens of people reviewing and approving it and Britney probably at least seeing the back cover and seeing nothing wrong with it is just it really makes me think britney was just done with this era not only are half her vocals not present but she literally performed 3 songs the singles and alien once (they still left the glitch in ) and the fact that she hasn't acknowledged the existence of a few of the tracks at all in any sense
  5. idrk


    did they get someone off the street to make this back cover in Microsoft paint in 4 minutes did britney even look at the cd did anyone look at the cd
  6. idrk


    My favourite song on the album by far is Hold On Tite (deluxe), and as I listened to it I felt as though it could be about God. I'm not alone in thinking that. It's a beautiful song, and completely underrated . 'Hold On Tite' This is another simpler sounding love song. This one will grow on you as you listen to the album each time. ' people on amazon literally think its called hold on tite
  7. I thought they fixed it after first pressing it's 2019 and I found this in my HMV looking through the Britney section in new condition so either nobodys bought this album in 6 years or they haven't fixed the typo or both
  8. love has the studio acapella not leaked yet
  9. idrk


    and body ache
  10. Barley any interviews for Britney jeans and the ones there are are literally the same like we get it ur middle name is jean
  11. Has Britney EVER said anything at all about now that I found you I can’t find her acknowledging this songs existence for the life of me
  12. idrk


    Plastic qualifies as a Britney Jean track to me I mean myah sang all of body ache so
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    anyone heard burning