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  1. idrk

    i want to mashup the song she wrote when im alone that was given to f(x) with one of her songs from emotion era because im not letting the instrumental go to waste its so good what song should i do it with
  2. idrk


    https://play.google.com/music/m/Azoob6png7zxjpshxjy7pxrra4u?t=Ciara_OLeary its under 'somebody save me' by ciara o leary it got matched with the one in my library which is kesha save me run devil run is also on there https://play.google.com/music/m/Tv4mx4orkmhba7yigzpno42yslu?t=Run_Devil_Run_-_Kesha run devil run feat kesha under soundhuntermusic also sweetersongs but thats everywhere and apparently posted by the person who worked on her with those demos so is it on ur streaming services too
  3. I will sell a kidney and a foot to have this song NOW WHERE DO I SELL
  5. what episode of mcbl was this played in i forgot
  6. idrk here

    apparently I have

    737 artists

    2792 albums

    15218 songs

    100 genres in my google playdead4

    1. Chris Morlock

      i can rival that easily whit1 

  7. idrk


    omg not one? .
  8. idrk

    1. Bebe Rexha - Not 20 Anymore 2. Kesha - best day 3. Ava Max - torn 4. normani - motivation 5. Red velvet - umpah umpah 6. Taylor Swift - lover 7. itzy - ICY 8. everglow - adios 9. Ava Max - freaking me out 10. Weki Meki - tiki taka 11. kesha - rich white straight men tbh List is so long g omg
  9. I haven't seen a thread on this or found one and thought it would be interesting to hear yall stories and journeys with her but one thing most people in kesha section have in common is their love for kesha. she's probably on most yall stan lists here but why what does she mean to you and why does she stand out to you? personally I only have 2 stanss and for someone to be one of my stans their music and messages have to actually help me through hard times and kesha is obviously one of them I literally grew up with her and through everything her music was always there to help me cope whether it be airplane anxiety, losing a friend being in a shitty friendship just generally having a shitty day from day ive been a fan since I was 9 or 10 (literally the first person I came fan o) and from the first day of life getting serious she has literally always been there her musics so uplifting and alot of her music can connect with you and get raw and uplift you and her sheer amount of songs whether it be released or unreleased with every genre really there are songs for any mood any time anywhere so thats really special to me. just something aboutb her music idk whether its because ive been listening to her since even before my tens it just reminds me of a lighter freer time or just pop music and the feeling it gives off it just helps and lifts me out the dump I can just look back at the highs and the lows and all the changes in my life and the one thing that never left or changed was her music always beeing there sooo thats why im a fan ig I obviously left alotout I can't summarise my journey since 2011 ish in one paragraph but yes what about yall