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  1. Cannibal Rainbow Warrior Animal High Road love the dark production on cannibal and the lyrics of rainbow especially
  2. Bastards | Tonight Let 'Em Talk | My Own Dance Woman | Raising Hell Hymn | High Road Praying | Shadow Learn To Let Go | Honey Finding You | Cowboy Blues Rainbow | Resentment Hunt You Down | Little Bit of Love Boogie Feet | Birthday Suit Boots | Kinky Old Flames | The Potato Song Godzilla | BFF Spaceship | Father Daughter Dance Emotional | Chasing Thunder
  3. can we just cut out all the shit and release dedicated side b now
  4. https://www.last.fm/music/Carly+Rae+Jepsen/_/When+I'm+Alone just found out when im alone has 6 listeners on lastfm
  5. yeah i dont like it as much anymore i liked how before all the big stan bases and communities had bigger sections with more room while the smaller ones had smaler subsections. now its all mushed together and sandwiched between dua lipa and madonna
  6. If the Kesha section wasn’t flopping before
  7. 1. "Curiosity" 2. "Talk to Me" 3. "Call Me Maybe" 4. "Both Sides Now" 5. "Just a Step Away" 6. "Lost and Found" 7. "Picture" 8. "Alice in Wonderland" 9. "Dear Julien" 10. "Europe" 11. "Angels" hmm weird its in my curiosity b sides but not on the original tracklist. I dont know where its from but it samples her song 10,000 people or vice versa because she says something must be wrong with me in the exact same way
  8. Thank u haha the instrumental filter wasn’t perfect but I thought it would do. There’s also another one she performed called deeper than that
  9. https://carlyraejepsen.fandom.com/wiki/Tug_of_War_(album) All songs written and composed by Carly Rae Jepsen, except where noted. All?????appart from sour candy??
  10. https://soundcloud.com/238odl2934/dear-julien/s-fLMza my attempt to reproduce dear Julien i turned a 1:30 second snippet into a 2:45 song it isnt done quite yet I just got another idea of something else I can do but here's what ive managed to do so far!!