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  1. its been since may already?Im going to review the songs 9 months in or so 1. Now that I found you - in my opinion its up there with some of the best pop songs ever made! production on point vocals on point melody catchy one of the best songs to karaoke to. still amazing hooky catchy fun 9 months later 2. For sure - this tends to be ignored a lot as its only a bonus track but this has always been up there with my favourites. such a unique vibe kind of magical I like the bonfire night sequel feel to it its very unique its very catchy too and I love her soft vocals and the synth. A standout for me for sure 3. Real love - I love the production on this song and definately a amazing closing moment. one of the more poppy songs on the record which is what I like and vocals 4. Everything he needs - I love the chorus and how catchy it is along with her delivery. I love the vibe of this one 5. Happy not knowing - conflicted with putting this at number 4 because its poppy and I like pop but I guess everything he needs was more unique. I LOVE this one I love the production and her vocals 6. Party for one - I love this song. also a very good closer to the international version!! I love the pop vibe to it and the looping sample that goes throughout its like ear candy. its a very beautiful song at least melodically to me. love!! 7. Too Much - C A T C H Y. I LOVE the simplistic underproduced vibe it really complements the song and I love how different it is. 8. The sound - I LOVE the piano into I live for it my favourite part of the whole album nd the prechorus goes really nicely. im conflicted on the chorus though While I like the vocoder and the production I feel as if the prechorus was building to something a bit greater but I feel like this was the best way to go about it. maybe its just a inherent flaw with the flow of the song but nevertheless still a amazing song and definately something I can look past just a very minor note. 9. Want you in my room - amazing song! a bit on the shorter side I have some nice memories attached to it I love the guitar and the throwback vibe to it and the drums especially. amazingly produced and the bass this songs absolutely perfect. I could go on and on. I feel like overplayed this one too much tho so I dont really appreciate it anymore as much as I used to do but still a amazing song!! dont get me wrong former favourite 10. Automatically in love - I love the woooo in the instrumentation. very nice chill song! and the prechorus harmonies get me every time. a very well vocally produced song especially and I live for every woooo. 11. right words wrong time - I like the lyricism of this song. lyrically it stands out to me most on the album and catches my attention. I love the chorus and the way it flows. a alll around great song. 12. middle of the night - the bass!! I love the groove of this song and its grown on me alot. I do like the original version better however I still really enjoy the full version. 13. feels right - I love how uplifting this song is and the kind of sunny corner shop type of vibe to it. love!! 14. Julien - I like this one. its quite moody though and its definately a song ill enjoy more at certain times or moods. 15. No drug like me - you aint tried no drug like me!! verses to me are nice but the best part is her vocoder part of no drug like me. like Julien a bit more moody. its a nice tune. 16. Ill be your girl - I like it!! it is the most forgettable and I dont come back to this song alot but it has a nice flow. just not as good as the rest anyway the ranking should be okay for now but could change overtime/ different moods.
  2. idrk here

    does anyone here have madonnas MDNA CD and is willing to help me out with smth 

    1. Madonna

      What do you need help with?

    2. idrk

      @Madonna What is Bebe Rexha credited for for the song 'some girls' (if at all)? I see different things in wikipedia vs Wikia. She did sing the demo track for it but I wanted to know if she has any other credits and ive been wondering for a while she isn't mentioned on wikipedia but is on the songs Wikia page for writing or producing or something kesha5

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    the 82$ over budget
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    I swear if this is the Japanese bonus track I will eat my shit live on fotpforums
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    Carly song of the day dont truuuuust your paranoia a a a a
  6. her best song to date imo. I have to see what else she has to show on high road to make a final judgement though.
  7. bebe kesha carly Camila period
  8. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SICP-6241?s_ssid=e37ee55dd484aae1b0 Description Kesha to release the fourth album with 15 tracks total. Special Feature / Bonus Track: Japan only bonus track(s) (subject to change) Will best song on the album apart from birthday suit
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    New Info First Press / External Bonus *Details First Press Detail soft case packaging
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    I miss them!! I was a fan when they were a thing
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    I love this album! it has some nice variety and shows up a great range of her personality and she can do a lot with her voice I loved the mature vibe of this love I think it was but my oh my sounded like a kidz bop song
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    also carly song of the day a little underdeveloped but we love her someones reaching out to you I love the production its like a blend of emotion and kiss my two favoruite eras and I love her voice on this song and I actually like the underdeveloped vibe to this keeps it simplistic and nice. very underrated never heard anyone talking about this also the violins
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    we got two snippets of the song eternal summer! wasnt this the original title track of emotion
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    I meant the alive one I forgot his name
  15. on James Charles recent video she revealed every colour on the pallete was named after a song, all from all eras including one unreleased. She said she had plans to release the unreleased song it has been atleast In this tweet revealed that the song is called Pageantry UPDATE
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    Someone tell Steve jobs to make a Apple Music wrapped already
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    Carly song of the day songs been stuck in my head all day I heard someone say they didnt like the vocoder on the song but its beautiful I love how soft the song is and her soft vocals are EVERYTHING. dedicated side b better have favourite colour part 2 WAITING
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    I beg someone leak love & paranoia I live for the key change
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    Carly song of the day:
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    I get 52 USD equivalent on Saturday from my job
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    Okay I just hope the crowd is nice. I have to buy Carly merch too to wear if I’m going to which should I get should I get the rainbow hoodie hopefully it’s still on sale because ain’t nobody paying $55
  22. Updated I’m convinced it’s called pageantry now