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  1. True the racism really shines through at these ceremonies especially the Grannys
  2. All I know is Homecoming will win. Mark my words
  3. Beyoncé

    I think Material Girl would’ve been a better choice for me but I can take 7 rings
  4. The good sis @Agugaga hacking accounts again I see
  5. Beyoncé


    Beyoncé - Mrs. Carter Show, Formation Tour, OTR II Madonna - MDNA Tour, Rebel Heart Tour Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Tour, Golden Tour Lady Gaga - Joanne Tour
  6. Beyoncé here



    1. Entea

      oh noes, im a top

  7. Beyoncé

    Even Charli XCX being payed to promote ‘Motivation’ in the middle of a mental breakdown couldn’t save ha
  8. Beyoncé

    Literally ha best song
  9. Beyoncé here

    I will never forget the time I posted this in the Kylie sectionrip2


    1. Urbanov

      A moment gag1 

  10. Beyoncé here

    They fucking slayed this performance so hardcry7 I just wish they hadn’t wasted half the song on top of the platform.

    1. Ruthless Love

      We stan a girl group!

    2. I Brings That Levity

      This has to be one of my favourites. I loved this era because they had all matured, were far more confident and just seemed to really enjoy being on stage.



  11. Beyoncé


    All the Lovers - Hyun. All The Lovers - Gwen Stefani Get Outta My Way - Freaky Prince Get Outta My Way - Aidan. All The Lovers - MagneticElectric Get Outta My Way - MCD All The Lovers - Ariana Get Outta My Way - ajp Get Outta My Way - Beyoncé