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  1. Beyoncé

    I’m always down for a good Writings on the Wall era reboot
  2. Beyoncé


    If I had to choose I would pick Don’t Say You Love Me because I feel like everyone can relate to that situation where we’re all just sick and tired of people making promises they can’t keep and saying things that they don’t mean
  3. I was gonna say when I think of group comebacks this is by far the best one to me
  4. Beyoncé here

    I don’t see why people are turning this Super Bowl performance into an argument bey8 There’s no need to pit two women against each other for no reason, they both did an incredible job and we should appreciate that rather than making it a debate between which artist is superior.

    1. Chris Morlock

      That and they are obviously friends. 

    2. Luca

      Because the gay stans love to pit women against eachother! lol3 

    3. Princess Aurora

      It's because the performance was iconic and basically what @Luca said 

  5. Beyoncé

    You were making it out as if it was part of her actual performance
  6. Beyoncé

    This was from 13 years ago and the music is edited over the actual performance but nice try though hun
  7. Beyoncé

    And to think @NoFraudzzz had the audacity to say that she’s a better performer than Beyoncé
  8. Beyoncé


    So we gon do this megarate or what
  9. Beyoncé here

    If you don’t get this we can’t be friends

  10. Beyoncé

    I thought Madonna’s Eurovision was as bad as it could get but Miss Gomez said hold my purse at least she saved Kosmic8 from doing any more without music voiceovers of her performances
  11. 2010: Katy Perry - Firework 2011: Beyoncé - Run the World (Girls) 2012: Lana Del Rey - Video Games 2013: Beyoncé - Haunted 2014: Charli XCX - Boom Clap 2015: Little Mix - Black Magic 2016: Beyoncé - Formation 2017: Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do 2018: Little Mix - Think About Us 2019: Lizzo - Truth Hurts
  12. Beyoncé

    I think Material Girl would’ve been a better choice for me but I can take 7 rings
  13. The good sis @Agugaga hacking accounts again I see
  14. Beyoncé - Mrs. Carter Show, Formation Tour, OTR II Madonna - MDNA Tour, Rebel Heart Tour Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Tour, Golden Tour Lady Gaga - Joanne Tour
  15. Beyoncé here



    1. Entea

      oh noes, im a top

  16. Beyoncé

    Even Charli XCX being payed to promote ‘Motivation’ in the middle of a mental breakdown couldn’t save ha
  17. Beyoncé

    Literally ha best song
  18. Beyoncé here

    They fucking slayed this performance so hardcry7 I just wish they hadn’t wasted half the song on top of the platform.

    1. Ruthless Love

      We stan a girl group!

    2. I Brings That Levity

      This has to be one of my favourites. I loved this era because they had all matured, were far more confident and just seemed to really enjoy being on stage.



  19. Beyoncé

    Sorry sweetie but Like a Prayer takes the crown on this one.
  20. Beyoncé

    People are gonna come for you for saying this but it’s practically the truth. Like Ariana said herself she feels exposed and I actually think it’s very wise of her to take a break now cause it will actually build up more hype for her next era and generate more interest in her music when she decides to come back.